25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays

Here are some of the largest paychecks earned by movie stars

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biggest Hollywood paydays

Since Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for the hybrid release of Marvel Studios’ Black Widow in July 2021, a lot of fans have become interested in the compensation that actors earn per movie. Compared to the days when audiences were drawn to a film primarily based on its leading star, it’s now rare for actors to score huge salaries, as viewers are more attracted to a franchise than a star in today’s movie landscape. But with the rise of streamers like Netflix, some high-profile actors still manage to strike gigantic deals, because they’re granted a streaming back-end buyout that helps make up for any box-office losses. To get more ideas on how actors negotiate for their wages in films, check out some of the biggest Hollywood paydays ever in the list below:

Jennifer Lawrence – $25 million (Don’t Look Up, 2021)

25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays 1

Jennifer Lawrence got a $25 million paycheck for her role in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi black comedy film Don’t Look Up. The movie also stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who received a $30 million compensation for the project.

Written, produced, and directed by Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up tells the story of two low-level astronomers (Lawrence and DiCaprio) attempting, via a media tour, to warn mankind about an approaching comet that will destroy Earth. The film is set to receive a limited theatrical release on December 10th, prior to streaming on Netflix on December 24th.