Who is GEEKSPIN? We are an unapologetically geeky New York City-based publisher who shares your fascination with everything that is techie and fun. From the hottest gadget news and reviews to the latest pop culture trends and entertainment news, we’ve got it. We thrive on bringing to you these stories in a familiar and digestible fashion.

What we do

Aside from bringing to you tech, lifestyle, and viral news stories from across the globe, at GEEKSPIN, we give a great deal of importance to our immaculately curated tech reviews. We’re always on the lookout for the newest gadget to get our hands on…

From testing the features of products, looking for their weak points, and comparing gadgets to competitors and older models, to finding the best prices of products, our reviews aim to be thorough and easy to read. With over 200 reviews already under our belt, there’s no way to go but up.

Why do we do it?

We embrace the cosplayers, Android and Apple fans, LEGO builders, Trekkies, science nerds, early adopters, Disney fans, gadget heads, film and TV show buffs, quiz whizzes, audiophiles, and foodies because we are them.

What better way to fuel our passion for everything geeky than to be in the center of it all? We aim to please our fellow geeks, so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to uncovering the best tech products, toys, collectibles, and even the hottest food trends.

Our History

GEEKSPIN, a property of CIRBS LLC, started its journey of publishing news and tech reviews back in 2017. We are a female-owned and operated business.

Meet the Staff

Helena Stone GEEKSPIN
Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Helena Stone

Helena has 15+ years of experience covering technology, with a specialty focused on smartphones, television and audio products, and smart home devices.

Noticing that there was a void of female influence in the technology blogosphere, Helena founded Chip Chick in 2004. The site grew to become the no 1. tech site for women, and she ran it as Editor-in-Chief until 2017.

A native New Yorker, Helena holds a Master’s in Digital Imaging and Design from NYU. Helena has been featured on MSNBC, Wired, ABC News, People Style & Watch, Time Magazine, Woman’s Day magazine, and other major news outlets as a consumer electronics expert.

When she is not busy testing out new gear, she can be found trotting the globe, looking for the next hot gadget.

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Christian Saclao
Entertainment reporter

Christian Saclao

Christian has over a decade of experience writing in entertainment… He’s a TV junkie who especially enjoys watching superhero shows, crime dramas, and sci-fi series. He has written entertainment news for Newsweek Media Group and the New York Banner.

Christian is a senior writer at GEEKSPIN and has covered pop culture stories and listicles for our publication. His expertise lies in writing about TV shows, movies,  pop culture trends, and celebrity and lifestyle stories.

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Myriam Joire
Smartphone reviewer

Myriam Joire

After spending years being a code monkey in the video game industry, Myriam joined Engadget as Senior Mobile Editor and later Pebble as Chief Evangelist.

An expert in all things mobile, today she hosts the weekly Mobile Tech Podcast and advises startups on product/media strategy.  Myriam writes smartphone and tech reviews for GEEKSPIN. She’s based in San Francisco.

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Scott Schaen
Senior reporter

Scott Schaen

Scott is a New Yorker with a passion for tech, gizmos, and gadgets. To date, Scott has reviewed over 1,000 tech-enabled products. He’s often seen with the latest iPhone, a pair of over-ear headphones, and a backpack full of just-in-case gadgets. Scott is a senior reporter who primarily writes audio, smart home, and tech-focused reviews for our publication.

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Tiffani Buteau

Tiffani Buteau

Tiffani Buteau is one part techie and one part artist. What fascinates her about the tech world is not the ins and outs of gizmos and gadgets but what it does to us as people, how we use it, and how it betters our lives.

Tiffani lives in Washington state and runs a resin art studio while reporting and keeping up on all things geek and tech. She has been reviewing consumer electronics for over a decade and performs in-depth testing with a focus on smart home products.

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Chance Kinney

Chance Kinney

Originally from California, Chance started out as a writer while living in Taiwan and Ireland before winding up in San Francisco in 2015. In addition to testing and reviewing products, Chance has been writing about tech and pop culture topics for over 10 years. His specialty lies in TV, smartphones, audio, and smart home products.

These days, he mostly geeks out about running and tends to the PC he built a lot longer ago than he cares to think about.


Assistant Editor

Shahrain K M

A native of Banglore, India, Shahrain’s an avid reader and chai-lover who’s been writing and editing content for the better part of 5 years now. She likes to dabble in different kinds of writing styles with an eye for writing industry-specific content.

When she’s not writing, she’s binging on K-dramas, fanfiction, and period films.

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News writer

Dolapo Omoleme

Dolapo is passionate about writing and technology. Over the years, he has written various articles and blog posts on business, finance, and technology. Dolapo primarily covers technology and consumer electronics-focused news stories for our publication.

When not writing, he is either gaming, creating art, reading, or cooking up a storm.



Notable past contributors

KD Rossly

Growing up in both the Netherlands and Asia, KD Rossly’s life has always been a kaleidoscope of culture and art. She’s a former TV show host, singer, actress, model, and radio DJ. For 5+ years, she has written lifestyle and entertainment articles for Asian and U.S. publications. KD has written listicles and lifestyle news stories for our publication.

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Vikka Abat

Vikka has been into all sorts of tech and geekery for as long as she can remember. She grew up watching Saturday morning anime and cartoons and being her dad’s trusty assistant in all things tech around the house. This led her to her passion for writing about tech. She has been writing tech news stories for over 5 years.

She’s also an avid video gamer. Aside from writing, Vikka also works as a video editor and motion graphic artist. And when she is blessed with idle time, she loses herself in the world of crafts, baking, and Pokemon Go. She strongly believes Psyduck is her Pokemon spirit animal.

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