• Netflix Obama


    Netflix announces multi-year deal with the Obamas

    The good folks at Netflix definitely know how to capture our interests. No… we are not referring to the reboot of SHE-RA (although, that will be awesome). We are, of course, referring to their new deal that they have done with Barrack and Michelle Obama. The unique multi-year deal will see the former US President […] More

  • She-ra Princess of Power


    Netflix announces cast of new She-Ra animated series

    When we first heard about Netflix and Dreamworks’ intention of bringing SHE-RA back to our screens, one question popped into our heads. That was, of course, ‘who would play the title character in the animated series?’ The first news of this reboot hit back in December of last year, but up until now, there hasn’t […] More

  • Charmed Reboot

    The trailer for the Charmed reboot is very promising

    If you are one of the many folks who have a Charmed-shaped hole in your life, then rejoice, as the series which follows three witches, who are also sisters, is coming back to our screens. Fans of new and shiny things will be delighted to hear that we are not referring to reruns when we […] More

  • OnePlus 6

    OnePlus 6 could be the best premium smartphone value on the market

    OnePlus has once again stepped up to the plate, with a new smartphone offering that is sure to be a hit with nerds all over the country. The company’s new flagship device, the OnePlus 6, is as glassy as it is classy and could definitely be described as the most sophisticated phone the company has […] More

  • Waterpik Sonic-Fusion

    The new Toothbrush will actually floss your teeth

    Normally a toothbrush only has one job, right? It’s supposed to be a tool to help you brush your teeth clean. That is a simple enough task and there is not too much more expected from the item. Right? Well, Waterpik’s Sonic-Fusion is a new teeth-cleaning titan that may change what’s expected from the traditional […] More

  • Margot Kidder

    Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in Superman, has died

    Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the Superman films, has died aged 69. The actress, who gained fame for her performances opposite Christopher Reeve, died in her sleep at her home in Montana on Sunday. The Canadian actress’ first major role outside of her home country was opposite Gene Wilder in the 1970 film, […] More

  • Twerk Pong

    Twerk Pong is just as bizarre as it sounds

    The wheel, electricity and now Twerk Pong… there really is no end to humankind’s ingenuity. As useful as the first two on that list are, we can’t help but feel as though they can barely hold a torch to Twerk Pong’s genius. Of course, a torch would only be needed because somebody has accidentally Twerked […] More

  • NES Classic 2018

    Nintendo is re-releasing the NES Classic in June

    Some things are just too good to let die; see Crispy M&Ms, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the NES Classic for further information. The latter of those three, the NES classic, will be hitting stores again on June 29th after a ridiculously popular first release in November 2016. The demand was so high at the time that […] More

  • Deadpool 2 David Beckham

    David Beckham plays starring role in new Deadpool 2 trailer

    Deadpool is a superhero who ignores a lot of things. For instance, politeness, direct orders from the X-Men and Hugh Jackman’s feelings are just three of those things. Another thing that Deadpool quite clearly ignores is the fourth wall. This is clearly demonstrated in the new trailer for the movie, which is being released on […] More

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