Beebo Saves Christmas delights Arrowverse fans: Will there be other Beebo specials in the future?

Fans took to social media to show their love for Beebo Saves Christmas

Beebo Saves Christmas delights Arrowverse fans: Will there be other Beebo specials in the future? 1

Beebo Saves Christmas, the first holiday special from the Arrowverse, premiered on The CW last Wednesday night. And while the animated special depicted Beebo – the cuddly blue creature that first appeared as a toy on Legends of Tomorrow – a bit differently from his previous appearances, a lot of viewers still found it fun and enjoyable to watch.

Narrated by Victor Garber, Beebo Saves Christmas follows the titular fuzzy toy turned furry god as he hopes to save Christmas. When an efficiency-obsessed elf named Sprinkles (Chris Kattan) decides that Christmas would run better without Santa Claus (Ernie Hudson), Beebo (Ben Diskin) and his friends Tweebo (Kimiko Glenn), Turbo (Yvette Nicole Brown), and Fleabo (Keith Ferguson) travel to the North Pole to help discover what truly makes Christmas meaningful.

Several fans who watched Beebo Saves Christmas took to Twitter to share how much they loved the special. Some gushed about the adorable looks of the characters, while others got a little sentimental about the message of the show.

While it’s unclear whether Beebo and his friends will return to The CW for another holiday special in the future, a few fans have already called the special a new holiday tradition.

Beebo is undoubtedly the heart of the special, but supporting characters like the ever-grumpy Fleabo are also getting some love from fans.

In an interview with Decider, Kevin Shinick, who co-wrote Beebo Saves Christmas with Matt Maala, mentioned that they “don’t think” they would be selling toys inspired by the special. But that’s actually what fans have been craving for.

Although there’s no word yet on when and where fans can see Beebo and his friends next, Shinick said that he’s open to working on another Beebo special.

“If it was any other show I might have been like, ‘Oh thank God, this is done. Let’s move on to something else.’ But this was such a great team to work with. Writing with Matt, the producers, the network. Jojo Ramos Patrick was the director. She did a great job with her animation team. So I would do this in a heartbeat,” Shinick told Decider. “I never even thought about it as a series, but we’re already like, ‘When’s the Easter special? Should Beebo take on the Groundhog?’ Things like that. So who knows, but I’d be open to it because I had such a fun time with Beebo. So yeah, anything’s possible.”

Missed the initial broadcast of Beebo Saves Christmas? You can catch an encore presentation of the special on Tuesday, December 21st at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The special is also now available to stream on The CW app and

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