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This name generator uses ChatGPT to generate great Elven names

Artwork depicting a female elf in Dungeons and Dragons

Coming up with unique and striking elven names for a tabletop role-playing game (RPG), a novel, or a story can be very time-consuming and creatively draining. Good thing, there are a number of elf name generators online that are available to use free of charge. One of those can be found on the website called A Random Name Generator (aRNG).

Elf Name Generator on aRNG

Elf Name Generator on aRNG
Screenshot of Elf Name Generator on aRNG

The Elf Name Generator on aRNG is created by Paul Bellow, a LitRPG author and community publisher. Bellow is also the man behind the websites LitRPG Reads and LitRPG Adventures.

Bellow used GPT-3 API from OpenAI to build aRNG’s Elven Name Generator, which can produce male and female names of elves in an instant. It comes in four different types. There’s a separate name-generating tool for High Elves, Wood Elves, Aquatic Elves, and Tolkien Elves. Below are examples of unique elf names produced by the tool.

Sample Names of High Elves

Names of Male High Elves Names of Female High Elves
Marien Thalion Gainelle Correleil
Q’lviir Ildenth Aellarra the Sleek
Erolth Mael-thael Erias Thrusantaelle
Arawn Qieldrim Sae’lissane Sae’noth’aer
M’sai Khavar M’aria of the Stars
Mae’ren Khargal Os’miira Caelea
Hundar Dunalost Ael’hass Theressa
Astaen the Swift Raeneme of the Lore
Q’arax Kam’lai F’lahl Laehlatha
Rae’kel Kharin Nathania “Elhariss”

Sample Names of Wood Elves

Names of Male Wood Elves Names of Female Wood Elves
Ivy Pinefist Sindaena Paleleaf
Neer Lightblade Alasdara Blueshade
Rat Rathelm Yariel Nightshadow
Thal the Sorrowful Riandea Springfall
Tharil Stormwise Sinaven Lightglen
Thal Windbough Saelalinde the Dark One
Thelas Oakheart Ildari Moonwing
Bran the Buccaneer Mallornin Windstream
Thul Crowfern Yvaera Orcbane
Rae’kel Kharin Nervenia Sunglade

Sample Aquatic Elf Names

Male Aquatic Elf Names Female Aquatic Elf Names
Sunrise Starfall Tillya Frostwalker
Dream the Runaway Serenna Ebbtide
Rayna the Brave Ennalsa Thunderheart
Willa Silverflute Jasmin Sequin
Gornah Ruby Dalira Grovesong
Lilata Riverwing Niryana Silverbrow
Rissa the Sea Lark Joriska Riverwing
Beldwinna Moonbeam Jezaide Moonrise
Ever Seaheart Nilena Winddancer
Selisse Silverpassion Asli the Silent

Sample Tolkien Elf Names

Male Tolkien Elf Names Female Tolkien Elf Names
Thar Aelwen
Thol Lilith
Myron Celebriennar
Hilquil Saeriel
Thildae Felaithien
Arrowstorm Nelthron
The Ruiner Malarin
Willowfern Mithwyn of Gondolin
Thornfallow Thalioness
The Hunter Anairae

Although aRNG’s name-generating tool for elves only comes up with Elvish names, Bellow also built an elven backstory generator that fans of the fantasy genre can use. Found here, the tool uses GPT-3 in coming up with a few hundred words about your elf character that you can use as a basis to flesh out your novel, story, or tabletop RPG like Dungeons & Dragons.

Other name generators on aRNG

Aside from its Elf Name Generator, aRNG also has its own name generators for humans, dwarves, centaurs, gnomes, and leonins.

In the About section of the aRNG, Bellow said that he started the website to practice his web development skills and also highlight his other website, LitRPG Adventures.

“I will be mentioning LitRPG Adventures every now and again [in aRNG], but rest assured this is not a direct sales pitch, nor am I using this site as an advertisement.,” Bellow wrote on the aRNG website. “My intention is to create a site that is fun to use and hopefully helpful. My goal is to have a long-lasting positive impact on the RPG community and help you to generate names that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.”

Other elf random name generators

In addition to the Elf Name Generator on aRNG, there are other random elf name generators online that can also instantly come up with good elf names for Night Elves, Christmas elves, Sun Elves, Blood Elves, and other types of fantasy elf names. These random elf name generators include FantasyNameGenerators.com, Roll4.net, ImagineForest.com, and CodexNomina.com.

Sample names of Night Elves made by FantasyNameGenerators.com

  • Amilleath Lunathorn
  • Lyraei Woodsnow
  • Nygorm Stillspirit
  • Aneallaeth Darkeye
  • Amanai Sunrage
  • Gaelais Dusktree
  • Selean Farthorn
  • Sharian Silversword
  • Nanon Stonewind
  • Khardryn Seaweaver

Sample Christmas Elf names made by FantasyNameGenerators.com

  • Cedar Toffeenight
  • Button Firescarf
  • Cocoa Jinglelove
  • Gingernuts Poemsledge
  • Hazelnut Mistletoy
  • Berry Nibbleglitter
  • Buttons Snowplum
  • Sugarplum Mistlesledge
  • Jangle Magichat
  • Sprinkle Chimneyguest

Sample names of Sun Elves made by Roll4.net

  • Rod Vael
  • Giulli Cín
  • Ne Torwy’
  • Aeglyn Garr’q
  • Nuovis Khaa’v
  • Tassae Moral
  • Liluth Ergla’
  • Pyrr Puila
  • Luchom Jona
  • Dornas Valm’r

Sample names of Blood Elves made by CodexNomina.com

  • Senvalin
  • Melidis
  • Celridel
  • Draald
  • Sama
  • Leavie
  • Mathanir
  • Syelenn
  • Kaedon
  • Zaranise

What are Elves?

Elves are a type of humanoid supernatural being that originated in Germanic mythology and folklore. They are described as beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty, ambivalent towards everyday people, and capable of either helping or hindering them.

Elves became part of popular culture during the late 19th century when “Christmas Elves” were introduced in the United States. The world’s obsession with Elves has grown bigger since the 20th century when they entered the high fantasy genre in the wake of works published by authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien. In Tolkien’s works, like The Lord of the Rings franchise, elves are living in Middle-Earth with men, dwarves, ents, hobbits, and monsters including dragons, trolls, and orcs.

Orlando Bloom as Legolas, an elf character in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings saga
Orlando Bloom as Legolas, an elf character with pointy ears in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings saga

Tolkien’s elves are often described as tall and graceful beings, typically standing between 6 to 7 feet tall. They possess a slender and athletic build, with long limbs and a sense of lightness in their movements. Elves have fair complexions, usually pale or with a subtle glow, and their skin is smooth and flawless.

Their facial features are characterized by high cheekbones, refined noses, pointed ears, and elegantly shaped eyebrows. Elves have captivating, almond-shaped eyes that are often described as radiant and filled with wisdom. Their eyes come in various shades, including hues of blue, green, gray, and even silver or gold.

Tolkien elves have a timeless beauty and an ethereal aura that sets them apart. They possess an air of nobility and grace, with a sense of otherworldliness about them. Their overall appearance reflects their close connection to nature and the spiritual realms.

What is GPT-3 API?

Launched in 2020, GPT-3, a.k.a. Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to generate human-like text. Given an initial text as a prompt, GPT-3 will produce text that continues the prompt.

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory consisting of the non-profit OpenAI Incorporated and its for-profit subsidiary corporation OpenAI Limited Partnership. Founded in 2015 by Sam Altman, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever, Peter Thiel, and many others, OpenAI conducts AI research to promote and develop friendly AI in a way that benefits all humanity.

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