Yungeen Ace net worth: How rich is the controversial rapper?

How much does Yungeen Ace make?

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Yungeen Ace is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who first rose to prominence for his 2018 single, Jungle, with JayDaYoungan. Yungeen Ace’s music career is packed with controversies, including an ambush that led to the death of one of his brothers and some of his dearest friends. Despite all these heartbreaking incidents, Yungeen Ace continues to make a name for himself and is considered one of the rising music stars of his generation.

Curious about how much money he makes? Read on to find out what Yungeen Ace net worth is and how his painful experience in life inspired his music.

How much is Yungeen Ace net worth?

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Credit: Yungeen Ace/Instagram

Yungeen Ace net worth is estimated at $4 million as of 2022. The biggest portion of Yungeen Ace net worth comes from his earnings as a rapper. This includes the money he gets from record deals, album sales, concerts and live performances, music collaborations, and royalties from music streaming sites like SoundCloud, where he has over 260,000 followers as of October 2022.

Yungeen Ace’s YouTube channel

Yungeen Ace net worth is boosted by the ad revenues he earns from his YouTube channel, which boasts more than 1.31 million subscribers as of October 2022. While most videos on his YouTube channel are official audio tracks and music videos of his songs, the rapper also uploads vlogs, games, live performances, and documentaries occasionally.

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Yungeen Ace also has a huge following on other social media platforms. With 3.5 million followers on Instagram, 1.3 million followers on TikTok, 953,000 followers on Twitter, and 922,000 followers on Facebook, it is believed that sponsorship and brand deals also contribute to Yungeen Ace net worth.

Yungeen Ace’s merch

Yungeen Ace tees and hoodies. Sales of these official merch contribute to Yungeen Ace net worth
Yungeen Ace tees and hoodies. | Sales of this official merch contribute to Yungeen Ace net worth.

Sales of official merchandise items also bump up Yungeen Ace net worth. The rapper’s merch collection, which includes tees ($32+) and hoodies ($55+), can be bought on MerchBar and is also available on the official online store of the record label ATK.

Yungeen Ace’s early life

Yungeen Ace had a difficult childhood. He and his 11 brothers were single-handedly raised by his mother after his father was put behind bars. One of his uncles stepped in to be his father figure but died when the rapper was just 14 years old. Because of these tough times, Yungeen Ace found solace in music, which has become his natural outlet for his everyday troubles.

Yungeen Ace started releasing home-recorded solo tracks on SoundCloud in March 2018, including his debut single, No Witness. But as these songs were building a buzz, he was involved in a drive-by shooting that took the lives of one of his brothers and two close friends.

Shooting incident involving Yungeen Ace

In June 2018, it was revealed that Yungeen Ace was hospitalized after he was shot eight times during what appeared to be an ambush. According to authorities, Yungeen Ace sustained the gunshot wounds one night that month when a car pulled up and showered their Chevrolet with bullets on Town Center Parkway in Jacksonville, Florida.

Yungeen Ace, who was 19 at that time was the sole survivor of the ambush. His brother, Trevon Bullard, and his friends Royale D’Von Smith Jr. and Jercoby Da’Shad Groover didn’t make it alive.

In August of that year, in the wake of the tragedy, Yungeen Ace released his debut mixtape, Life of Betrayal. Featuring collaborations with JayDaYoungan and NBA Youngboy, the album contains smash songs such as Pain, F*cK, Wanted, and the previously mentioned Jungle.

Who shot Yungeen Ace?

It’s not clear who was behind the ambush, but many believed that it stemmed from the rivalry between the two rapper groups: the ATK and the KTA. Yungeen Ace is affiliated with ATK, while KTA has Foolio as one of its most prominent Jacksonville rappers.

According to, both of these factions have a vendetta against one another. And the dispute between the two groups became deadly in May 2017 when Foolio’s cousin Zion Brown was murdered.

Fast-forward to March 2019, Yungeen Ace managed to escape bullets once again when he and his friends were caught up in trouble in a hotel in Georgia. It’s unclear whether this second shooting was related to the first one.

Does Yungeen Ace have a record deal?

Yungeen Ace is signed under Cinematic Music Group, which is part of Sony Music. Following the release of his first mixtape, Life of Betrayal, the rapper has also dropped a number of follow-up collections through Cinematic Music Group. These include 2019’s Step Harder, in which he teamed up with Boosie Badazz, and Lil Durk; 2020’s Don Dada led by the single Heartbroken; 2021’s Life of Betrayal 2x, which is his first-ever, full-length album; and 2022’s All on Me.

Yungeen Ace's All on Me album cover art
Yungeen Ace’s All on Me album cover art

Some of his hit tracks include Industry Invasion, Withdraw from Life, Fighting Pain, Opp Boyz, Gun Em Down, and Who I Smoke, which sampled Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles for a disrespectful anthem.

Yungeen Ace - Industry Invasion (Official Music Video)

Yungeen Ace’s real name

Yungeen Ace’s real name is Keyanta Bullard.

Is Yungeen Ace still alive?

Despite being involved in a couple of shootings and ambushes, Yungeen Ace is still alive.

How old is Yungeen Ace?

Yungeen Ace is 24 years old as of 2022. He was born on February 12th, 1998.

Where is Yungeen Ace from?

Yungeen Ace was born in East Chicago, Indiana, United States.

Where did Yungeen Ace grow up?

After spending his early years in Chicago, he and his family relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, where he grew up.

Yungeen Ace’s GF

Yungeen Ace’s girlfriend is Chloe Glass. Glass is a content creator with 760,000 followers on Instagram and 65,800 followers on her own YouTube channel. The couple first met when they were in grade school.

Yungeen Ace and his girlfriend Chloe Glass walking hand-in-hand along the beach
Yungeen Ace and his girlfriend Chloe Glass | Credit: Yungeen Ace / Instagram

Yungeen Ace and her girlfriend have a joint YouTube channel, called Ace and Chloe, which also chips into Yungee Ace net worth. Their joint YouTube channel, which now has over 920,000 followers, features prank videos, food vlogs, as well as challenges and games.

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