Chiquis Rivera net worth: How much does the singer make in 2024?

How rich is Chiquis Rivera?

Chiqui Rivera wearing a crown

Chiquis Rivera is an American singer and television personality best known as the eldest daughter of Regional Mexican star Jenni Rivera. Though her personal life has been plagued by a number of controversies, Chiquis continues to rake in lots of money, thanks to her flourishing music career and consistent appearances on reality TV shows. Wondering how much money she actually makes? Here’s what we know about Chiquis Rivera’s net worth.

What is Chiquis Rivera’s net worth in 2024?

According to multiple websites, as of February 2024, Chiquis Rivera’s net worth is estimated at USD 3 million to USD 5 million. Below is a rundown of how she has accumulated a huge amount of money since she started in showbiz in 2010.

Chiquis Rivera as a singer

A huge chunk of Chiquis’s net worth comes from her earnings as a singer. That includes album sales, royalties from music streaming services, and concert ticket sales, among many others.

Chiquis began her singing career in early 2014 when she released her first single Paloma Blanca, which she wrote herself as a tribute to her mother who died in a plane crash in 2012. She also made her musical debut on international television in 2014 with a performance of Esa No Soy Yo.

In June 2015, Chiquis dropped her first album titled Ahora. “I called it Ahora because it’s about living in the moment and appreciating the now,” the singer told the Miami Herald of the album at the time. “I feel that’s how my life can be summed up. It really has a little bit of everything.”

The cover of the album Ahora, whose sales contributed to Chiquis Rivera net worth
The cover for Chiquis Rivera’s first album, Ahora

Chiquis released her second studio album called Entre Botellas in the spring of 2018. The album has a little bit of everything, including songs made by Lorenzo Méndez, Juan Rivera, and her late mother, Jenni Rivera. Among the tracks included in the album are Vas a Volver, Horas Extras, and Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar, which is a duet she recorded with her mom.

Chiquis’ most recent albums are 2022’s Abeja Reina and 2020’s Playlist, which won Best Banda Album at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards. Aside from a Latin Grammy Award, Chiquis also won Female Artist of the Year at Premios De La Radio in 2015 and at Lo Nuestro Awards in 2017.

Like her mother’s, Chiquis’ musical style is classified as banda, a form of traditional Mexican music popular in Mexico and parts of the U.S. with large Mexican populations. Banda music originated in the state of Sinaloa and the music sound is primarily instruments such as tuba, clarinets, and trumpets.

Chiquis Rivera as a TV personality

Chiquis’ net worth also includes the bucks she has made from her appearances in various reality TV shows.

She made her TV debut in the reality show Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C, which aired on Universo back in 2010. Chiquis also starred in her mother’s hit spinoff reality show I Love Jenni, in which Chiquis and her siblings appeared until its third and final season in 2013 on Universo.

Chiquis revisa el closet de Jenni y se pone emotiva | I love Jenni | Universo

Chiquis also starred in her own Universo reality TV series Chiquis ‘n Control, which ran for six episodes on Universo in 2012.

From 2016 to 2019, Chiquis starred as herself in the Universo reality TV series The Riveras, which followed her and her siblings’ lives following their mother’s death, Jenni Rivera. The show premiered its fourth and final season in August 2019 and wrapped up in November of that year.

She also served as a judge in Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, an Estrella TV competition show searching for the best Latino talent in the United States. Her stint in the show lasted from 2019 to 2021.

Then from 2021 to 2022, Chiquis hosted the NBC Universo lifestyle show Mejor de Ti con Chiquis, in which she leads physical and emotional makeovers for a group of nominated guests.

Chiquis Rivera as an entrepreneur

Chiquis’ net worth is also boosted by the earnings of her Be Flawless business. Co-founded by Chiquis and medical professional Judi Castro in 2016, Be Flawless is a luxury line of cosmetics and skincare products.


Chiquis Rivera as an author

Chiquis also makes some bucks from her memoir titled Forgiveness. Released in April 2015, Forgiveness reveals the abuse Chiquis suffered at the hands of her father, José Trinidad Marín, during her childhood and the difficulties she’s faced in her personal life as a result.

Chiquis said the story within Forgiveness also recounts what caused the distance between her and her mother toward the end of Jenni’s life. In Forgiveness, Chiquis brings to light truths that she wishes she had been able to reveal to Jenni.

In February 2022, Chiquis released another memoir called Unstoppable. In this autobiography, Chiquis shares the triumphs, hardships, and lessons of life after her mother’s passing.

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Chiquis Rivera as a social media personality

Like most celebrities with substantial social media followings, Chiquis also earns some money from brand endorsements, sponsorships, and ad revenues that run through her different social media accounts. As of February 2024, Chiquis has 5.9 million followers on Instagram, 5 million followers on Facebook, 5 million followers on TikTok, 963,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 631,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter).

What is Chiquis Rivera’s real name?

Chiquis Rivera’s real name is Janney Marín Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera’s age

Born June 26, 1985, Chiquis Rivera is 38 years old, as of June 2023.

Chiquis Rivera’s family

As mentioned above, Chiquis Rivera is the daughter of singer Jenni Rivera and her first husband, José Trinidad Marín. Chiquis is the first child of both her parents and has one younger sister, Jacquelin, one brother, Mikey, and two half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage.

Chiquis Rivera’s sexual abuse case

In 1997, Chiquis Rivera’s aunt Rosie Rivera came forward and confessed to Jenni Rivera that José Trinidad Marín, used to sexually molest her, and was doing the same to Chiquis. Physical examination revealed that José did the same with Chiquis’ younger sister, Jacquelin.

The molestation case was opened in 1997 with José spending nine years as a fugitive before he was finally apprehended in April 2006 and convicted of sexual assault and rape. In May 2007, José was found guilty of 9 out of 9 charges and sentenced to more than 80 years in prison without parole.

Chiquis Rivera’s relationship with her mom

Chiquis Rivera and her mom Jenni Rivera cut their communication with each other in October 2012 following a rumor that Chiquis had an affair with Jenni’s third husband, Esteban Loaiza. In her memoir Forgiveness, Chiquis denied the rumor and attributed it to “toxic voices” that surrounded her mother at a time when she was deeply lonely and confused, leading her to question her husband’s fidelity and her own daughter’s loyalty.

Chiquis Rivera’s husband

Chiquis Rivera became married to musician Lorenzo E. Mendez Ronquillo in June 2019. But in September 2020, Chiquis announced her divorce from Lorenzo through social media, claiming that it was a decision from both parties.

Fast-forward to 2022, Chiquis revealed in her Unstoppable memoir that Lorenzo was a drug addict with aggression issues. Chiquis claimed that at one point, Lorenzo spat in her face and grabbed her by the neck, only stopping after her brother charged at him with a dumbbell.

Source:, Miami Herald
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