Disney princesses and heroes reimagined as Star Wars characters

Your favorite Disney characters as Star Wars Jedis, Siths, droids, and more

Since being acquired by Disney in 2012, Lucasfilm has produced a total of five movies. And in November of last year, it debuted the Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian, which became an instant hit on Disney+. Clearly, Lucasfilm has not slowed down when it comes to producing new content since it was bought by Disney. However, there’s still one kind of project that a lot of fans have been dying to see since the acquisition, and that is a crossover of some sort between Star Wars and other franchises owned by Disney. While it might not make sense to see the Disney Princesses and the Marvel superheroes fighting alongside the Skywalkers to defeat the dark side of the Force in a movie or TV series, several fans are up for it.

Unfortunately for them, this kind of crossover has yet to become a reality. And since there’s no assurance from Disney or Lucasfilm that this would ever happen, some fans have taken the matter into their own hands by creating pieces of artwork that reimagine Disney characters as Star Wars Jedis, Siths, droids, and even vehicles. Take a look at some of these amazing mashup art in the list below:

#1 Jedi Ariel

Credit: Deviant Art/Phill-Art

The first entry in Phill-Art’s Disney Princess Jedi series, this fan art reimagines Ariel as a Jedi with fish-like scales on her face and hair that looks like a fin. All set for battle with her two lightsabers, Ariel seems to have optimum balance with her pair of cybernetic legs, which probably transforms into a mermaid tail whenever she’s underwater.  Like several Jedis, Ariel also has a companion droid, and hers looks a lot like Flounder from the animated movie The Little Mermaid.