Disney princesses and heroes reimagined as Star Wars characters

Your favorite Disney characters as Star Wars Jedis, Siths, droids, and more

Since being acquired by Disney in 2012, Lucasfilm has produced a total of five movies. And in November of last year, it debuted the Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian, which became an instant hit on Disney+. Clearly, Lucasfilm has not slowed down when it comes to producing new content since it was bought by Disney. However, there’s still one kind of project that a lot of fans have been dying to see since the acquisition, and that is a crossover of some sort between Star Wars and other franchises owned by Disney. While it might not make sense to see the Disney Princesses and the Marvel superheroes fighting alongside the Skywalkers to defeat the dark side of the Force in a movie or TV series, several fans are up for it.

Unfortunately for them, this kind of crossover has yet to become a reality. And since there’s no assurance from Disney or Lucasfilm that this would ever happen, some fans have taken the matter into their own hands by creating pieces of artwork that reimagine Disney characters as Star Wars Jedis, Siths, droids, and even vehicles. Take a look at some of these amazing mashup art in the list below:

#1 Jedi Ariel

Credit: Deviant Art/Phill-Art

The first entry in Phill-Art’s Disney Princess Jedi series, this fan art reimagines Ariel as a Jedi with fish-like scales on her face and hair that looks like a fin. All set for battle with her two lightsabers, Ariel seems to have optimum balance with her pair of cybernetic legs, which probably transforms into a mermaid tail whenever she’s underwater.  Like several Jedis, Ariel also has a companion droid, and hers looks a lot like Flounder from the animated movie The Little Mermaid.

#2 Jedi Jasmine

Credit: Deviant Art/Phill-Art

Jedi Jasmine is someone you don’t want to mess with. As seen in this artwork by Phill-Art, Jasmine uses the heat of her lightsaber to turn sand into glass, which she then molds into deadly shards by harnessing the power of the Force. If that’s not enough to ward you off, then the sharp and pointed teeth of her ferocious companion beast Rajah may ultimately send you packing.

#3 Jedi Merida

Credit: Deviant Art/Phill-Art

Also created by Phill-Art, this illustration shows a Jedi version of Merida standing on the back of a Wampa to have a clear view of her target. Equipped with a modified lightsaber that doubles as a projectile, Merida can take down enemies even from afar.

#4 Buzz Lightyear as Poe Dameron

Credit: Fun.com/Kady Jaspersen

Part of Kady Jaspersen’s Disney Wars collection, this artwork reimagines Buzz Lightyear as Poe Dameron. In his fictional backstory in the Toy Story film series, Buzz is a hotshot space ranger. And with Poe being a hotshot space pilot in the Star Wars franchise, the two characters are simply meant to be.

#5 Jedi Elsa

Credit: Deviant Art/Phill-Art

The coolest mashup character in Phill-Art’s Disney Princess Jedi art series, Jedi Elsa effortlessly defends herself from mini Wampa-like creatures with the use of her special lightsaber, whose beam can refract into other beams using extra kyber crystals. While Elsa’s smirk makes this technique looks so easy to perform, we’d like to think that she trained for years to master the precision and accuracy needed to execute this badass trick.

#6 Jedi Aurora

Credit: Deviant Art/White-Magician

Created by White-Magician as part of her Jedi Disney Princess collection, this artwork shows Aurora in a Jedi robe inspired by her iconic pink ball gown from the animated film Sleeping Beauty. Her battle outfit includes a belt buckle that resembles a crown and features thorn designs at the bottom, based on the Wall of Thorns seen in the movie. Interestingly, Aurora wields a purple lightsaber, which, according to Star Wars canon, is only used by individuals that share an affinity with both the light and dark sides of the Force.

#7 Jedi Belle

Credit: Deviant Art/Phill-Art

Another creation by illustrator Phill-Art, this fan art, which perfectly captures the dark-yet-hopeful tone of Star Wars, features Belle in a canonical Jedi outfit that seamlessly incorporates her princess gloves. While Jedi Belle seems very capable on her own, having a blaster-equipped Beast as her partner makes her look even more unstoppable.

#8 Jedi Cinderella

Credit: Deviant Art/White-Magician

Also illustrated by White-Magician, this artwork features a Jedi incarnation of Cinderella with two lightsabers as her weapon of choice. Dressed in a Jedi outfit inspired by her signature blue ball gown from the animated movie Cinderella, the princess accessorizes her attire with a glass shoe-shaped belt buckle that matches her combat boots, seemingly made of glass.

#9 Jedi Pocahontas

Credit: Deviant Art/White-Magician

Wielding not one, but two lightsabers, Jedi Pocahontas seems pretty confident in her swordfighting skills. And since blue lightsabers are associated with warrior-protector Jedi Guardians and yellow lightsabers are typically used by rogue-assaulter Jedi Sentinels, Pocahontas is believed to possess the qualities of both types of Jedi.

#10 Jedi Mulan

Credit: Facebook/Tom Hodges

Illustrated by Tom Hodges as part of his Once Upon a Long Time Ago collection, this fan art features a Jedi version of Mulan decked out in a Chinese kimono-inspired battle robe. While wielding a lightsaber, Mulan also appears to be harnessing the power of the Force, as suggested by the white glow emanating from her.

#11 Maleficent as Darth Vader and Belle as Princess Leia

Credit: Deviant Art/Inspector97

Rocking Darth Vader’s look, Maleficent appears to be recruiting Belle into Dark Side in this artwork by Canadian illustrator Inspector97. Stepping into the role of Princess Leia, Belle seems to be listening to the evil fairy’s arguments. But having read a lot of books since she was a child, Belle probably knows by now that words can be deceiving.

#12 Flynn as Han Solo and Rapunzel as Princess Leia

Credit: Deviant Art/Imaplatypus

Illustrated by artist Imaplatypus, this adorable fan art reimagines Flynn as Han Solo and Rapunzel as Princess Leia. Can’t help but blush every time Han is around, Leia charmingly tries to hide her face using her oversize side buns.

#13 Jedi Tiana

Credit: Facebook/Tom Hodges

Also included in Tom Hodges’ Once Upon a Long Time Ago collection, this artwork features Jedi Tiana dressed in her leaf-inspired battle gear. With a serious look on her face, Tiana is holding her lightsaber with both hands, ready to strike at any moment.

#14 Kida as Aayla

Credit: Instagram/mermaidsfordays_fantasypins

Kida unleashes her inner Aayla in this simple yet striking crossover art by mermaidsfordays_fantasypins. Decked out in a two-piece garment similar to Aayla’s outfit in the epic space opera franchise, Kida is holding her lightsaber with so much poise as she waits for anyone who would challenge her to a duel.

#15 Snow White as Princess Leia and the Seven Dwarfs as stormtroopers

A reinterpretation of a memorable scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, this fan art reimagines Snow White as Princess Leia and the Seven Dwarfs as a group of stormtroopers. With several blasters pointed at her, Snow White is left with no choice but to surrender. However, funnily enough, Snow White does so with a big grin on her face, suggesting that she’s not taking the whole matter very seriously.

#16 Boba Fett Olaf with Elsa, Anna, and Hans

Credit: James Silvani

Wearing Boba Fett’s iconic Mandalorian mask, Olaf seems to have captured Hans with the help of Elsa and Anna in this fan art by James Silvani. And to make sure that the wicked Prince of the Southern Aisles won’t be able to escape, the Snow Queen ices him up in a similar way Han Solo was frozen in carbonite at the end of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.

#17 Hiro as Luke Skywalker and Baymax as C-3PO

Credit: DJKhopet

A mashup art between Star Wars and the 2014 animated film Big Hero 6, this lovely illustration by DJKhopet reimagines Hiro as Luke Skywalker and Baymax as C-3PO. With the use of spray paint and marker, Hiro turns his healthcare robot into the iconic golden droid that has served the Skywalker family for generations.

#18 Winnie the Pooh as Chewbacca and Eeyore as an AT-AT

Credit: James Hance

Who would have thought that Winnie the Pooh characters could get any cuter? Created by James Han, this crossover art features Pooh as Chewbacca and Eeyore as an AT-AT. With balloons tied to their bodies, Pooh and Eeyore float into the air, seemingly leaving all their troubles behind.

#19 Jedi Elsa

Credit: Deviant Art/StarDragon77

Co-created by StarDragon and Zet13, this striking fan art shows Elsa as a young Padawan. Though she lacks experience, the grit on her face shows that she’s determined to be one of the greatest Jedis someday. And with a unique power to control ice and snow, it looks like the novice Jedi will really go places.

#20 Elsa as Rey and Olaf as Emperor Palpatine

Credit: Weibo/LuBaZinc

A parody of one of the official posters for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this fan edit by LuBaZinc features Elsa as Rey facing off against Kylo Ren. And instead of Emperor Palpatine peering out from the background, it’s Olaf who’s giving a hilarious devilishly stare from the backdrop.

#21 Baymax as C-3PO

Credit: Kady Jaspersen

Since Baymax was designed to provide healthcare services and C-3PO was programmed to offer customs and etiquette advice, the mashup of these two characters could easily become one of the greatest droids in the Star Wars galaxy.

#22 Mulan as Zorii Bliss

Credit: Kady Jaspersen

One of the newest members of the Resistance, the masked scoundrel Zorii Bliss is shrouded with mystery — very much like Mulan to her peers when she decided to disguise as a male soldier to prevent her ailing father from heading off to war again.

#23 Stitch as Kylo Ren

Credit: Kady Jaspersen

Stitch and Kylo Ren have very similar stories, and that makes them the perfect characters to mash up. Though Stitch was designed to destroy everything he touches, that has changed ever since he met Lilo and her ‘ohana. Ren, meanwhile, was introduced to viewers as a leading figure of the Dark Side. But after meeting Rey, he eventually renounced his adopted persona and was ultimately redeemed at the end of the Skywalker saga.

#24 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie poster parody

Credit: Kady Jaspersen

A reinterpretation of a poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this fan art by Kady Jasperson reimagines Elsa as Rey, Lilo as Kylo Ren, Aladdin as Finn, Kida as Rose Tico, Buzz Lightyear as Poe Dameron, Moana as Jannah,  Mulan as Zorii Bliss, Sulley as Chewbacca, Baymax as C-3PO, and Wall-E as BB-8.

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