Disney princesses reimagined as villains

These drawings feature Disney princesses as forces of evil

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 1

Though Disney princesses have their own flaws, they, in general, are still considered as great role models to children. Their kid-friendly personas, however, don’t exempt them from being subjected to the wild imagination of artists who love to transform morally upright fictional characters into bad ones. If you’re intrigued by the idea of Disney princesses leaning into the dark side, then you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a list of incredible artworks that reimagine Disney’s royalty as villains. Check out the slideshow below to see what your favorite Disney princesses would look like if they were forces of evil.

#1 Ghost Anna

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 2
Credit: DeviantArt / Kasami-Sensei

Anna is reimagined as a vengeful ghost in this fan art by French artist Kasami-Sensei. According to the backstory of the artwork, Anna’s frozen heart ultimately led to her death, but she returned as a ghost to seek revenge on Prince Hans. Using her newfound powers that are similar to her sister Elsa’s, Anna turned the prince of the Southern Isles to solid ice in retaliation.

#2 Ariel as the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 3
Credit: Break.com / Travis Falligant

Drawn by Travis Falligant for Break.com, this monstrous version of Ariel was inspired by the physical appearance of the titular villain in the 1954 horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon. While the artist kept Ariel’s fiery red locks and signature purple seashell bra, Falligant covered the princess’ entire body with green scales and added fish-like features to her face for a terrifying look.

#3 Ariel as Ursula

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 4
Credit: fanpop.com / Anonymous

While this artwork only shows Ariel from the waist up, it’s pretty obvious that that fan art reimagines the Princess of Atlantica as her adversary Ursula from the 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid. Fitted in a black dress, this villainous version of Ariel also wears the sea witch’s purple coral shell earrings and gold nautilus shell necklace. Ariel’s best friend Flounder remains on her side but is transformed into an eel that looks like Ursula’s minions Flotsam and Jetsam.

#4 Aurora as Maleficent

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 5
Credit: DeviantArt / Rose Baxter Stein

Have you ever wondered what Aurora would look like if Maleficent had raised her as her own daughter? Well, wonder no more, as that appears to be the inspiration for this artwork by Swedish artist Rose Baxter Stein. Dressed in Maleficent’s signature black and purple robe, this villainous reimagining of the Disney princess has green skin, yellow eyes, and arched eyebrows just like the evil fairy. Completing her devious look is a horned headdress and a staff with a glowing green orb at the tip, which she uses to cast dark magic spells.

#5 Shut-Eyed Aurora

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 6
Credit: DeviantArt / Jeffrey Thomas

After pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and falling into a death-like sleep, Aurora’s eyes are sewn by Maleficent to make sure that the princess would never see the world again. Though Aurora wakes up from her long sleep after getting the true love’s kiss from Prince Phillip, she is soon abandoned by the prince given her mutilated appearance. With no one by her side, Aurora roams the woods alone with both of her eyes closed, inadvertently scaring everyone that sees her.

#6 Goth Belle

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 7
Credit: DeviantArt / kharis-art

Belle traded her classic fashion style for an extreme goth look in this illustration by kharis-art. Wearing a black eye makeup, black lipstick, black nail polish, and black leather fingerless gloves, this mean-looking Belle wears her iconic golden ball gown, which is now adorned with skull and rose patterns. While it’s not exactly clear what she’s up to, her sudden change of appearance implies that she’s done being good.

#7 Vengeful Belle

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 8
Credit: DeviantArt / Jeffrey Thomas

Belle turned into a villain after reaching the limit of her patience in this menacing artwork by Jeffrey Thomas. After Gaston and his men broke into the castle and hung the Beast to death, Belle decided to take justice into her own hands. With all the things she learned about dark magic from reading spell books, Belle managed to bring the love of her life back from the dead. Now with a devilish monster by her side, Belle is all set to seek revenge on everyone that wronged them.

#8 Witch Belle

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 9
Credit: DeviantArt / Emilyena

Stylistically stunning, this artwork by Kazakhstani artist Emilyena shows an evil Belle. Holding a book about arcane arts, the Disney princess is seemingly ready to cast magic spells anytime. And with a more vicious-looking Beast by her side, this witch version of Belle is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

#9 Dark Cinderella

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 10
Credit: DeviantArt / Willemijn1991

If Cinderella snapped after years of abuse by her stepmother Lady Tremaine and stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, this is what she would look like. Created by Willemijn1991, this defiant-looking incarnation of the Disney princess is wearing a much darker version of her iconic blue ball gown. Completing her outfit are black jewelry pieces that add a gutsy vibe to her overall appearance.

#10 Vampire Cinderella

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 11
Credit: DeviantArt / rancidom

Cinderella has just finished her meal in this vintage gothic artwork that reimagines the Disney princess as a blood-sucking vampire. While we’re not sure who her latest victim is, we won’t be surprised if vampire Cinderella first feasted on the blood of her evil stepmother and stepsisters.

#11 Dark Elsa

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 12
Credit: Twitter / Courtney Lovett

Dressed in a purple dress with spikes of icicles adorning her see-through cape, this villainous version of Elsa gives a threatening look while flashing a wicked smile. While it’s not clear what evil Elsa is capable of, it looks like she has the power to control minds, as she appears to have lured Olaf into the dark side.

#12 Evil Elsa

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 13
Credit: DeviantArt / juliajm15

When Elsa failed to control her icy powers and set off a seemingly eternal winter in Arendelle, Prince Hans and his cronies quickly painted her as a villain. Though fans of the Frozen franchise know that the Ice Queen isn’t really a coldhearted baddie, this illustration by the Brazilian artist juliajm15 imagines what Elsa would look like if she was actually the antagonist of the movie. Wearing a purple version of her iconic Let It Go dress, this evil depiction of Elsa looks fierce in her dark braided locks and orange eyes.

#13 Nefarious Elsa

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 14
Credit: DeviantArt / flamingmarshmallows

Drawn by artist flamingmarshmallows, this full-blown villain version of Elsa has red eyes, long sharp nails, and a little fang. Rocking a darker version of her signature blue dress from Frozen, evil Elsa is ready to summon Olaf that has apparently joined her on the dark side.

#14 Half-Burnt Esmeralda

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 15
Credit: DeviantArt / Jeffrey Thomas

Created by Jeffrey Thomas, this fan art is inspired by an imagined The Hunchback of Notre Dame scenario, in which Frollo fails to burn Esmeralda alive after successfully murdering her lover Phoebus and her friend Quasimodo. Infuriated by the demise of her loved ones, half-burnt Esmeralda leans into her evil side and is now all set to take Frollo’s life in revenge.

#15 Scheming Esmeralda

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 16
Credit: DeviantArt / Willemijn1991

Esmeralda looks extra cunning in this artwork by Willemijn1991. Wearing a much darker version of her signature outfit from the 1996 animated movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, this reimagining of the Romani performer has a lot of gold accessories, including nose and lip piercings that make her look more rebellious than ever.

#16 Jasmine as Jafar

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 17
Credit: DeviantArt / Jessica-Nahulan

Drawn by Canadian artist Jessica Nahulan, this artwork reimagines Jasmine as Jafar, the main antagonist in the animated classic Aladdin. Wearing a red dress inspired by Jafar’s Royal Vizier robe, this devious-looking depiction of the Princess of Agrabah wields a gold cobra-headed staff that she sometimes uses as a weapon.

#17 Evil Jasmine

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 18
Credit: DeviantArt / FitzOblong

This villainy depiction of Jasmine by German artist FitzOblong is inspired by the plot of the Forget Me Lots episode of Disney Channel’s TV series Aladdin, in which the Princess of Agrabah lost her memory and went evil. Equipped with a whip and accompanied by her trusty pet tiger Rajah, this wicked version of Jasmine is ready to resort to violence to get what she wants.

#18 Zombie Megara

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 19
Credit: DeviantArt / Jeffrey Thomas

Megara was reimagined as a zombie in this well-thought-out artwork by Jeffrey Thomas. According to the story behind the fan art, Hercules didn’t make it to Megara’s soul in time and died trying to save her. Hercules’ death, however, led Hades to restore Megara’s soul to her body as part of an initial agreement. Shattered at the loss of her true love, Megara agreed to become the Keeper of the Eye, and in return, the Fates brought Hercules back to life, albeit without his soul.

#19 Wicked Megara

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 20
Credit: DeviantArt / mysticfairy012

If Megara re-joined Hades in the Underworld, this is what she would probably look like. Wearing a dark violet floor-length dress, this version of Megara by artist mysticfairy012 looks extra villainy in her gothic appearance.

#20 Merida as Chucky

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 21
Credit: Break.com / Travis Falligant

This artwork reimagines Merida as Chucky from the popular horror franchise Child’s Play, and while it’s frightening to see the Princess of DunBroch become the iconic murderous doll, this fan art surprisingly reveals that the two fictional characters have a lot in common. Both characters have red hair, blue eyes, and freckles on their face.

#21 Scarred Merida

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 22
DeviantArt / Jeffrey Thomas

This artwork by Jeffrey Thomas shows the aftermath of a climactic fight that resulted in the death of Merida’s father, King Fergus. Rushing to save his wife Queen Elinor from the evil demon bear Mor’du, King Fergus met his demise after Mor’du clawed him to death. Enraged by her father’s death, Merida turned evil and attacked Mor’du in retaliation. Though she got a huge scratch on her face from the fight, this twisted depiction of the Disney princess ended up on the winning side after three of her arrow shots landed on Mor’du’s head.

#22 Evil baby Moana

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 23
Credit: ArtStation / Safwen Laabidi

If Moana was a baby devil, this is what she would look like. To create this evil version of Moana, CG artist Safwen Laabidi turned the character’s medium brown skin into light purple and made her short brown hair red. Matching the fiery color of her locks are a pair of little horns, wings, and a pointy tail. Though evil baby Moana looks as adorable as the original character, her glowing orange eyes tell us not to trust her cute appearance.

#23 Mulan as Samara

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 24
Credit: Break.com / Travis Falligant

Reimagined as Samara from the Japanese horror franchise The Ring, Mulan has soaking wet hair, waterlogged face, and moldy colored skin. Effortlessly scary, the girl from the well walks ominously in the rain and is just a few steps away from you.

#24 Undead Mulan

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 25
Credit: DeviantArt / Jeffrey Thomas

Mulan is a reanimated corpse fueled by revenge in this artwork by Jeffrey Thomas. Killed during the attack by the Hun Army that wiped out her village, Mulan is brought back to life with the help of her ancestors, who order her dragon guardian Mushu to restore her spirit to her body. Mushu becomes Mulan’s living tattoo, and with all the anger she has for the Hun Army and their leader Shan Yu, Mushu transforms into a huge, fearsome dragon.

#25 Evil Mulan

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 26
Credit: DeviantArt / Willemijn1991

Drawn by Dutch artist Willemijn1991, this reimagining of Mulan gives off a villainy vibe. With furrowed eyebrows and dark clothing ensemble, this version of the Disney princess looks like she’s got a lot of evil tricks up her sleeve.

#26 Pocahontas as Jason Voorhees

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 27
Credit: Break.com / Travis Falligant

Pocahontas was turned into Jason Voorhees from the horror franchise Friday the 13th in this fan art by Travis Falligant. Wearing the villain’s iconic goaltender mask, this murderous version of Pocahontas sneakily comes out of the water to end John Smith’s life with a single slash of her bloody machete.

#27 Mystic Pocahontas

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 28
Credit: DeviantArt / platinumfrost

Pocahontas is seemingly possessed by a mystical spirit in this artwork by British artist platinumfrost. Her glowing eyes suggest that she’s under the control of a powerful force, which has apparently turned her evil. According to the backstory of the fan art, Pocahontas and John Smith got into a small fight that ended up being a little more than they expected. After John called Pocahontas “savage,” the Disney princess lost it and killed him with her bare hands, explaining her bloody arms in the drawing.

#28 Zombie Rapunzel

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 29
Credit: DeviantArt / leagueof1

Rapunzel was transformed into a zombie in this horrifying artwork by British artist leagueof1. While the Disney princess’ long golden locks remain intact, her skin has started to turn purple and gray. To make her look more frightening, leagueof1 drew the Princess of Corona pupil-less. The artist also added a thread of blood coming out from Rapunzel’s mouth to suggest that she has just eaten some human flesh and guts.

#29 Twisted Rapunzel

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 30
Credit: Deviant Art / Jeffrey Thomas

Rapunzel is done being good in this vengeance-filled fan art by Jeffrey Thomas. After forcibly separating Flynn and Rapunzel from one another, Mother Gothel and the Stabbington Brothers experience the Princess of Corona’s murderous wrath. Using her long golden hair, Rapunzel squeezes the trio to death without even blinking an eye.

#30 Cunning Snow White

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 31
Credit: DeviantArt / Bojan1558

This artwork by Serbian artist Bojan1558 features a twisted reimagining of Snow White. Wearing a pair of black pants and leather long boots underneath her signature court dress, this edgy-looking version of the Disney princess is sitting on a pile of skulls and other human bones with an apple in hand. While we don’t know the whole story behind the fan art, it seems that The Fairest One of All has taken a leaf out of The Evil Queen’s book and started using poisoned apples to murder people.

#31 Tiana as Candyman

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 32
Credit: Break.com / Travis Falligant

Reimagined as the vengeful ghost Candyman from the slasher film series of the same name, Tiana is wandering around a cemetery looking for her next victim. Drawn by Travis Falligant, this homicidal version of the Princess of Maldonia is wearing an open brown trenchcoat that reveals her skinless ribcage and hollowed-out abdomen. Completing her terrifying look is the villain’s bloody hook in place of her right hand, which she uses to mutilate anyone that comes his way.

#32 Pirate Tiana

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 33
Credit: DeviantArt / Willemijn1991


Desperate to open her own restaurant as soon as possible, Tiana quit her waitress job to become a pirate. Wielding a cutlass, the Princess of Maldonia is ready to ransack merchant ships to earn enough money to start her dream business.

#33 Elsa and Anna as the Grady Twins

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 34
Credit: Break.com / Travis Falligant

This eerie artwork by Travis Falligant reimagines Frozen’s Elsa and Anna as the Grady Twins from the 1980 film The Shining. Dressed in similar outfits, the Arendelle sisters as the iconic horror duo haunt the hallways of the Overlook Hotel, scaring guests by making uncalled appearances right before them.

#34 Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White as evil cheerleaders

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 35
Credit: DeviantArt / buttercupLF

Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora are watching Maleficent take her last breath in this fan art that reimagines the princesses as evil cheerleaders. Dressed in cheerleader uniforms inspired by their signature outfits from their respective Disney movies, the trio are all smiles after taking down the Mistress of All Evil once and for all.

#35 Disney Princesses as stormtroopers

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 36
Credit: Zimbio / Isaiah Stephens

Isaiah Stevens was commissioned by Zimbio to reimagine Disney princesses as Star Wars’ stormtroopers. Featuring Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and Aurora, the mashup art shows the quartet without their helmets on, seemingly taking a break from patrolling in their respective areas under the scorching heat of the sun.

#36 King Triton’s daughters as evil mermaids

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 37
Credit: DeviantArt / Daniel Kordek

Polish artist Daniel Kordek transformed King Triton’s daughters into a group of evil mermaids in this ghastly artwork set in the Kingdom of Atlantica. Inspired by the mermaids from the 2011 fantasy swashbuckler film Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, these versions of Attina, Arista, Alana, Aquata, Adella, Andrina, and Ariel are lethally-minded sisters of the sea that rise up from the waves to lure men into their arms. Though stunningly beautiful, they are conniving and dangerous, and would do anything to protect their home.

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