If Disney Princesses aged

Here’s what Ariel, Aurora, Belle, and other Disney royalties would look like in their senior years

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Most Disney Princess movies end with weddings or marriage plans for the protagonists, but do you know that these characters are not even old enough to legally drink?

According to several sources, the 12 official members of the Disney Princess line are all teenagers. Snow White is the youngest at 14, followed by the 15-year-old Jasmine, and 16-year-old Aurora, Mulan, and Moana. Belle is 17; Pocahontas and Rapunzel are 18; and the oldest are Cinderella and Tiana, who are both 19.

Though the princesses are too young to get married in today’s social standards, many of the films they star in — to be fair — are based on old folktales from a time when arranged marriages and teen brides were more common. Whether or not it’s a conscious decision from Disney to make the princesses teenagers, their young age somehow explains their poor judgment in the movies, because as any former teen can attest, people indeed make bad decisions during their teen years.

Some of the Disney Princess movies got sequels in the forms of direct-to-video films, TV series, and shorts, but the time jumps between these installments were not really that significant, leaving fans wondering what the princesses would be like if they matured and grew up.

While it’s hard to imagine how much the princesses have matured character-wise over the years, envisioning how much they have changed physically several decades later seems less difficult. In fact, illustrators Isaque Arêas and Isaiah Stephens have already created a number of fan art reimagining how the princesses would look like if they aged. See Arêas and Stephens’ artworks, along with other fan art by talented artists, in the list below.

#1 Snow White

Credit: Isaque Arêas

Inspired by The Golden Girls actress Betty White, this fan art by Brazilian artist Isaque Arêas reimagines what Snow White would look like in her early 90s. Though wrinkles have already lined her face, the Disney Princess remains beautiful with her gray hair, round brown eyes, and surprisingly pink lips — a huge departure from her rather iconic red lips during her heyday.

#2 Belle

Credit: Isaque Arêas

This fan art shows a 41-year-old Belle who has clearly grown classier with age. Now sporting a shoulder-length hair, the princess looks elegant in her gold strapless sweetheart top, which she matches with gold earrings and necklace.

#3 Ariel

Credit: Isaque Arêas

This is what Ariel would look like if she was 42 years old. This fan art reimagines the Princess of Atlantica as a middle-aged woman with prominent cheekbones inspired by Cameron Diaz’s strongest facial feature.

#4 Jasmine

Credit: Isaque Arêas

Jasmine is a gorgeous 38 years old in this illustration by Isaque Arêas. Though she’s no longer wearing her iconic turquoise headband, the Princess of Agrabah is sticking with sky blue as one of her go-to colors.

#5 Cinderella

Credit: Isaque Arêas

Cinderella didn’t lose her elegance 65 years after her debut appearance. Wearing what appears to be light blue suit jacket that matches the color of her eyes, Cinderella looks cheery and fulfilled in this artwork by Isaque Arêas, who drew inspiration from the late Oscar winner Julie Andrews.

#6 Pocahontas

Credit: Isaque Arêas

Besides having very minimal wrinkles, 38-year-old Pocahontas surprisingly looks closely similar to her 18-year-old self. Also illustrated by Isaque Arêas, this fan art shows the Disney Princess still wearing her iconic turquoise necklace that originally belonged to her mother.

#7 Aurora

Credit: Isaque Arêas

Aurora’s long golden blonde hair is no more. In this artwork by Isaque Arêas, 72-year-old Sleeping Beauty is now rocking a gray neck-length hairdo that makes her look extra graceful for her age.

#8 Mulan

Credit: Isaque Arêas

Mulan looks like a young professional in this fan art by Isaque Arêas. Reimagined as 33 years old, Mulan has her hair looped into a loose bun to go with her seemingly active and on-the-go lifestyle.

#9 Ariel

Ariel’s iconic red hair long is gone. Now in her senior years, the Princess of Atlantica is rocking a white pixie cut that matches perfectly with her pearl earrings. Though she now needs to wear a pair of glasses to help her failing eyesight, her smile remains as clear as day.

#10 Belle

Belle appears to have lived a simple and humble life several decades after marrying the Beast. Wearing a turtleneck to keep herself warm, the now-gray-haired princess looks like she needs to rest her eyes for a while after finishing a book overnight.

#11 Cinderella

Cinderella’s old age hasn’t stopped her from being hands-on with all the chores in her royal residence. In this fan art, the now-eyeglasses-wearing Disney Princess seems to be out in the backyard, kindly giving instructions to her servants under the heat of the sun.

#12 Mulan

After learning the importance of precision and accuracy during her stint in the army, Mulan appears to have become an overly meticulous granny. Looking quite unpleased, Mulan seems to have noticed something that doesn’t meet her standards.

#13 Jasmine

Though her lustrous black hair is now gray and her then youthful face is now creased with wrinkles, Jasmine still looks beautiful for her age. Still wearing her signature turquoise headband and matching gold earrings and necklace, the Princess of Agrabah remains loyal as ever to her Arabian roots.

#14 Tiana

Cooking has always been Tiana’s first love, so it isn’t surprising to see the Princess of Maldonia still working as the head chef of her own restaurant several decades after its opening. Though her hair has turned gray and wrinkles have started to appear on her face, Tiana’s happy smile while in the kitchen suggests that she couldn’t care less about ageing.

#15 Aurora

Aurora has gained some weight several years after marrying Prince Phillip. While she no longer has the slender figure she had back in the day, her cheeks now look rounder than ever, making her one of the cutest grandmas out there.

#16 Mulan and Li Shang

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

Mulan and Li Shang prove that they are the coolest grandparents in this fan art by Isaiah Stephens. Using wooden swords as props, Mulan and Li Shang bond with their four grandchildren over some basic martial arts training.

#17 Belle

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

Being the bibliophile that she is, Belle wants her grandkids to develop a love for reading at an early age, so she makes sure to read them at least one short story every night before they go to sleep.

#18 Elsa, Anna, and Olaf

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

Not even old age can break the bond between Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. As seen in this artwork by Isaiah Stephens, the trio spends their senior years together in Frosty Pines retirement home, usually bonding over tea and board games.

#19 Ariel

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

Ariel is spending her retirement years rebuilding the hoard King Triton destroyed back when she first admitted to him that she had fallen in love with Prince Eric. Illustrated by Isaiah Stephens, this artwork shows the Princess of Atlantica tidying up her new secret grotto on land with her cute little companion, Flounderpuss.

#20 Rapunzel and Eugene

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

Rapunzel and Eugene still look very much in love with one another several years after their wedding. While it’s not clear if they have been blessed with any children and grandchildren, the genuine smiles on their faces suggest that they’re happy and content with just having each other.

#21 Jasmine and Aladdin

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

This heartwarming artwork shows Jasmine and Aladdin having some quality time with their four grandkids and little pet tiger. Being the Princess and Prince of Agrabah, the couple has the riches to buy anything they want, but they both know that the happiness they feel whenever they are with their grandchildren is something that cannot be bought by money.

#22 Snow White

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

Without Prince Florian by her side, Snow White finds companions in cute forest animals that she has been fond of since she was a teen. As seen in this fan art by Isaiah Stephens, the Fairest One of All falls asleep on her rocking chair with a kitten resting on her lap. There’s also a deer, a turtle, squirrels, and birds getting cozy in her living room, which has obviously become the animals’ second home.

#23 Pocahontas and John Smith

Credit: Isaiah Stephens

A couple of years after the death of Pocahontas’ husband John Rolfe, John Smith reconnects with Pocahontas and confesses his love for her. John Smith starts pursuing her right away, but there’s something in Pocahontas’ eyes that says she’s not yet ready for a new relationship.

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