If Disney Princesses aged

Here’s what Ariel, Aurora, Belle, and other Disney royalties would look like in their senior years

If Disney Princesses aged 14

Most Disney Princess movies end with weddings or marriage plans for the protagonists, but do you know that these characters are not even old enough to legally drink? According to several sources, the 12 official members of the Disney Princess line are all teenagers. Snow White is the youngest at 14, followed by the 15-year-old Jasmine, and 16-year-old Aurora, Mulan, and Moana. Belle is 17; Pocahontas and Rapunzel are 18; and the oldest are Cinderella and Tiana, who are both 19.

While it’s hard to imagine how much the princesses have matured character-wise over the years, envisioning how much they have changed physically several decades later seems less difficult. In fact, illustrators Isaque Arêas and Isaiah Stephens have already created a number of fan art reimagining how the princesses would look like if they aged. See Arêas and Stephens’ artworks, along with other fan art by talented artists, in the list below.

#1 Snow White

If Disney Princesses aged 15
Credit: Isaque Arêas

Inspired by The Golden Girls actress Betty White, this fan art by Brazilian artist Isaque Arêas reimagines what Snow White would look like in her early 90s. Though wrinkles have already lined her face, the Disney Princess remains beautiful with her gray hair, round brown eyes, and surprisingly pink lips — a huge departure from her rather iconic red lips during her heyday.