Action figures brought to life

These incredible photos of action figures look like pages ripped right from comic books or stills from movies

Action figures brought to life 15
Credit: Santlov

Though commonly marketed as children’s toys, action figures have gained widespread acceptance as collector items for adults. While most of those collectors keep their action figures in glass cabinets for display, there’s a growing community of action figure enthusiasts that collect poseable figurines to make articulated comic book art (ACBA).

ACBA is an art form that uses action figures, handmade dioramas, professional lighting, speech bubbles, and visual effects to create scenes that look like a page from a comic book or a screenshot from a movie, TV series, or video game. To get a better understanding of what it really is, below is a list of some of the most stunning ACBA pieces featuring action figures from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and other media franchises.

#1 Peely snacking on a banana

Action figures brought to life 16
Credit: Instagram cappie_ricketts_acba

Featuring an action figure of Fortnite’s Peely holding a banana, this ACBA couldn’t get even more meta. Seemingly thinking that he’s being judged for eating a fellow banana, Peely takes a pause to contemplate what his next move will be.