Action figures brought to life

These incredible photos of action figures look like pages ripped right from comic books or stills from movies

Action figures brought to life 1
Credit: Santlov

Though commonly marketed as children’s toys, action figures have gained widespread acceptance as collector items for adults. While most of those collectors keep their action figures in glass cabinets for display, there’s a growing community of action figure enthusiasts that collect poseable figurines to make articulated comic book art (ACBA).

ACBA is an art form that uses action figures, handmade dioramas, professional lighting, speech bubbles, and visual effects to create scenes that look like a page from a comic book or a screenshot from a movie, TV series, or video game. To get a better understanding of what it really is, below is a list of some of the most stunning ACBA pieces featuring action figures from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and other media franchises.

#1 Peely snacking on a banana

Action figures brought to life 2
Credit: Instagram cappie_ricketts_acba

Featuring an action figure of Fortnite’s Peely holding a banana, this ACBA couldn’t get even more meta. Seemingly thinking that he’s being judged for eating a fellow banana, Peely takes a pause to contemplate what his next move will be.

#2 Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger hanging out

Action figures brought to life 3
Credit: Instagram plastic_snaps

Iconic horror villains Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger are bonding over music and alcohol in this moody ACBA. Sitting on top of the piano cover, Freddy keenly watches Michael as he gracefully slides his fingertips across the keyboard.

#3 Chewbacca being escorted by stormtroopers

Action figures brought to life 4
Credit: Instagram articulatedcomicbookart

With a highly detailed diorama, impeccable lighting, fantastic perspective, and realistic action figures of Chewbacca and stormtroopers, this photo looks a lot like a screenshot from a Star Wars movie. If no one had labeled this as an ACBA, many spectators would have easily misidentified this photo as a legit scene from George Lucas’ epic space opera.

#4 Godzilla in the city

Action figures brought to life 5
Credit: Instargram figuremaniashow

Godzilla ferociously destroys everything in its way in this incredible ACBA that is made realistic with mini versions of skyscrapers and added smoke effect. According to the artist, the photo was his first and failed attempt at using fireworks in his shot. Though he didn’t get what he wanted, he’s quite impressed by how it turned out.

#5 Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger

Action figures brought to life 6
Credit: Instagram paintsamurai

Inspired by the 2001 movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, this striking photo shows Harry Potter and Ron Weasley seemingly holding their breath as Hermione Granger intently browses through a book, looking for an answer. While we don’t know what exactly they’re up to, the trio’s serious faces suggest that a grave threat is coming their way.

#6 Robin vs. Killer Croc

Action figures brought to life 7
Credit: Instagram batboytoys

Robin and Killer Croc are in the middle of a fight in this ACBA that impressively captures the thrill of reading a comic book. On top of Robin, Killer Croc is maniacally trying to bite Batman’s sidekick in the face. Robin, meanwhile, is using all his force to keep the villain’s toothy mouth away from him with what appears to be a metal pipe.

#7 Wonder Woman 1984

Action figures brought to life 8
Credit: Instagram toisoldierphotography

This visually pleasing ACBA looks like an official poster for the upcoming DC movie, Wonder Woman 1984. Featuring Diana Prince in a golden all-over armor complete with a pair of wings, this outstanding photo deserves all the raves it can get.

#8 Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

Action figures brought to life 9
Credit: Instagram ser__geo

Wolverine loses it all in this gory ACBA that also features one of his long-time comic book nemesis, Sabretooth. Failing to control his rage, Wolverine ends up ripping Sabretooth’s chest open with his retractable claws. With blood squirting out of Sabretooth’s upper torso, this photo is probably one of the most gruesome pieces of ACBA ever made.

#9 Hercules making an epic entrance

Action figures brought to life 10
Credit: Instagram magno.legends

Hercules’ enemies are caught off guard when he makes an unusual yet epic superhero entrance. Instead of smashing the door or breaking a window to infiltrate his foes’ hideout, Hercules destroys the building’s concrete ceiling to get into the heart of the bad guys’ lair.

#10 Spider-Man vs. Sandman

Action figures brought to life 11
Credit: Instagram warrior_evans

This worrying piece of ACBA sees Spider-Man in a seemingly helpless situation. With both of his feet stuck on the ground, the web-slinger will likely end up getting hit by Sandman’s spiked ball of sand.

#11 Sid meeting Forky for the first time

Action figures brought to life 12
Credit: Instagram jrbonga

Woody, Buzz, and Jessie can’t help but worry about Forky’s safety when the handcrafted toy meets Sid for the first time. With Sid having a history of ripping toys apart and sometimes even blowing them up, Forky’s life is in grave danger unless his fellow toys find a way to rescue him from the hands of the evil child.

#12 Real-life hero

Action figures brought to life 13
Credit: Instagram melonseed_man

A salute to real-life heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, this photo features a health worker lining up along with four of the most beloved Marvel and DC superheroes. While Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, and The Flash are donning their respective superhero suits, the medical frontliner is proudly wearing a set of personal protective equipment, including a face mask and a hair cover.

#13 Jessie, James, and Meowth

Action figures brought to life 14
Credit: Instagram big_kid_photography

Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth are blasting off again in this ACBA that looks pretty much like a screenshot from the Pokémon TV series. Though the trio appears to be high up in the air, there’s really no need to worry about them, as they always manage to survive every single time they’re launched into the sky.

#14 The original Ghostbusters

Action figures brought to life 15
Credit: Instagram roddy81

Equipped with proton packs, original Ghostbusters Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore are all geared up to combat supernatural threats in this nicely lit ACBA, which is set in what appears to be a New York subway station.

#15 Freddy Krueger coming for you

Action figures brought to life 16
Credit: Instagram toypunkschicago

Set in a filthy restroom, this nightmare-inducing ACBA features Freddy Krueger’s iconic gloved hand with razors coming out of the toilet bowl. If you think that hiding in the bathroom will keep you safe from the burnt-faced dream stalker, then this photo proves otherwise.

#16 Farewell hug

Action figures brought to life 17
Credit: Instagram betolangarica

This heartfelt photo recreates one of the final scenes at the end of the 2019 movie Toy Story 4. Featuring Woody and Buzz sharing a goodbye hug, this bittersweet moment takes place after Woody has decided to stay with Bo in the carnival instead of returning with the rest of his toy friends to their owner, Bonnie.

#17 Three mice and a cat

Action figures brought to life 18
Credit: Instagram kadztoys

A crossover between MGM’s Tom and Jerry, Disney’s Mickey Mouse, and ViacomCBS’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this humorous ACBA shows Jerry finally outsmarting Tom. With the help of his cousins Mickey Mouse and Splinter, Jerry manages to capture Tom. And while Jerry savors his victory, Tom gets on his knees seemingly asking for mercy.

#18 ’90s Black Widow

Action figures brought to life 19
Credit: Instagram weapon_x03

Looking like a real comic book panel, this dope ACBA features an action figure of the ‘90s comic book version of Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. Determined to bring down a duo of fleeing criminals, Black Widow jumps on top of the culprits’ getaway car and unleashes a weapon called Widow’s Bite to stop them once and for all.

#19 Greedo vs. Woody

Action figures brought to life 20
Credit: Instagram mitchelwuphotography

A cool crossover between Star Wars and Toy Story, this picture features the Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo, and the vintage doll, Woody. Dressed in their respective cowboy outfits, the two gunfighters face off in an old-western duel that ultimately puts Greedo on the losing side.

#20 Iron Man painting Green Lantern

Action figures brought to life 21
Credit: Pinterest

This hilarious ACBA reveals that Iron Man’s painting skills are similar to that of a preschooler. With Green Lantern serving as Tony Stark’s subject, the DC superhero strikes his best brooding pose, hoping for an amazing drawing. Funnily enough, Green Lantern doesn’t really need to be there, as it appears that the only thing the Avengers member can draw is a stick man.

#21 Woody and Jessie in the kitchen

Action figures brought to life 22
Credit: Mitchell Wu

Woody and Jessie team up in the kitchen to create a secret yummy treat. With big smiles on their faces, Woody cracks an egg on a pan as Jessie adds a tablespoon of flour to the mix. Is the cowboy and cowgirl duo trying to make a pancake from scratch or something completely different?

#22 Food photography

Action figures brought to life 23
Credit: Camposwell

Before munching on his favorite burger, Woody takes a picture of it using his iPhone. While there’s nothing really special about the burger’s appearance, the excitement on Woody’s face suggests that the sandwich is a slice of heaven.

#23 Phone down the loo

Action figures brought to life 24
Credit: Santlov

Woody is in total shock after dropping his iPhone in the toilet. Holding his head with both of his hands, the Toy Story character looks stressed-out and completely clueless on how he can salvage his smartphone in no time.

#24 Woody holding the sun

Action figures brought to life 25
Credit: Instagram izkiz

Edited with the DeluxeFX app, this photo features a Woody action figure posed in a way that it looks like holding the sun. Seemingly taken during sunset and along the seaside, the picture boasts a beautiful, pinkish and bluish backdrop.

#25 Dog-loving Woody

Action figures brought to life 26
Credit: Pinterest

Woody gets on his knees to take a selfie of himself with an adorable dog lying on its belly. While the vintage cowboy doll flashes a big smile as he strikes a pose, the dog looks so uninterested that it doesn’t even bother to look at the camera.

#26 Woody can’t get enough of Nutella

Action figures brought to life 27
Credit: Pinterest

Woody loves Nutella so much that he dunks his head into a tub of the hazelnut cocoa spread with the help of minions Kevin, Dave, and Stuart. Though it doesn’t look like Woody has plans to share the Nutella with the minions, the three Despicable Me characters seem okay with it, as they all appear very happy seeing the vintage cowboy doll finally satisfying his craving for sweets.

#27 Spider-Man and a bottle cola

Action figures brought to life 28
Credit: Instagram ser_geo

After buying a huge bottle of soda, Peter Parker was supposed to go straight home. But when he ran into a pair of escaping criminals, Peter changed into his Spider-Man suit without a second thought to capture the offenders. After completing the job, Peter casually picked his phone up and assured the person on the other line that he hadn’t forgotten about the cola.

#28 Fantastic Four to the rescue

Action figures brought to life 29
Credit: Instagram warrior_evans

Set in what appears to be an explosion site, this well-thought-out ACBA sees the complete Fantastic Four crew rushing to the scene to rescue a poor boy that has seemingly been pinned down by a collapsed wall. As the Thing lifts the wall, Invisible Woman projects a field of psionic force around the child for extra protection. Seeing that the kid is having a hard time getting up, Mister Fantastic elongates one of his arms to get him to safety. Though his team members have it under control, Human Torch still shows up at the scene for support.

#29 Justice League’s COVID-19 precautionary measures

Action figures brought to life 30
Credit: Instagram melonseed_man

This fun yet informative ACBA shows how Justice League members protect themselves from the coronavirus. Wonder Woman washes her hands regularly; Batman changes his gloves every after a trip outside; Aquaman disinfects his trident; and Superman scans his hands for the virus using his microscopic vision.

#30 Ant-Man and his huge toilet paper stash

Action figures brought to life 31
Credit: Instagram plastic snaps

Ant-Man will never run out of toilet paper again. This clever photo shows Ant-Man pushing a gigantic roll of toilet paper on his way back home. With the superhero’s ability to shrink or grow anything near him, turning a regular toilet roll into a gargantuan size is a smart move, considering the low supply of the essential item during the pandemic.

#31 Avengers playing cards

Action figures brought to life 32
Credit: Instagram: plastic_action

Taking a break from saving the world, Avengers Ant-Man, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and the Falcon play cards together. But instead of resting their minds for a while, the superheroes get really serious in the game after their competitive nature takes over. Though not part of the game, Phil Coulson is also seen in the photo, seemingly monitoring potential threats that may arise while the team is busy playing.

#32 Kermit the Frog playing his banjo

Action figures brought to life 33
Credit: Instagram toyart2

Kermit the Frog is enjoying the outdoors in this light and cheery ACBA, set in what appears to be a creek. Taking advantage of the fair weather outside, the Muppets character joyfully plays his banjo and starts singing at the top of his lungs.

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