Baby Yoda Frappuccino is the newest Disney-inspired Starbucks secret menu drink

Here’s how you can order one

Baby Yoda Frappuccino is the newest Disney-inspired Starbucks secret menu drink 1

Star Wars fans have been obsessed with Baby Yoda ever since his first appearance in the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian last month. While a lot of fans show their love for Baby Yoda by flooding the Internet with memes inspired by him, folks at went extra creative and made a Starbucks secret menu item to celebrate the ridiculously cute character.

Called Baby Yoda Frappuccino, the drink is not part of Starbucks’ official menu and is not sponsored by Disney. As with all Starbucks secret menu drinks, you need to give your barista the exact instructions on how to make the frappuccino using existing ingredients on the menu.

Luckily, the instructions developed by are quite easy to follow. Start by asking the barista for a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino, which will be the base of the drink. Then ask to add a caramel drizzle to the cup, which, as pointed out “will be Baby Yoda’s cloak.” Lastly, ask the barista to top the decadent drink with whipped cream, caramel, and caramel ribbon crunchies. The final product should have a green and brown color that resembles Baby Yoda’s green skin and brown cloak.

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My friends @totallythebombdotcom are on a mission to make Baristas hate their guts LOL..Today’s trending @starbucks secret menu drink is the adorable mini green stuff of a Baby Yoda(or that’s what we are calling it)..The drink is possible to create since the ingredients are pretty basic, here’s how you make it.. 1. Start by asking for a matcha green tea Frappuccino ..2. Ask to add caramel drizzle to the cup (this will be Baby Yoda’s cloak)..3. Top off with whipped cream, caramel and caramel ribbon crunch crunchies(not sure if caramel crunchies are even available, but if they are sweet).. This is fun for the little and big kids, let’s just hope the Baristas can find it in their hearts to forgive us LOL.. If you want more cool Starbucks “secret” menu options head over to @totallythebombdotcom website, they keep banging them out??..May the Baby Yoda cuteness continue to infest the internet for ever ???? #babyyoda #babyyodafrapp #starbuckssecretmenu #f52grams #foodgasm #foodporn #foodie #junkfood #nyeats #foodofny #brooklyn #starwars #foodnews #exclusive #funtimes #yoda #drinks #sorrybaristas.

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While several fans are excited to try the Baby Yoda Frappuccino, some coffee lovers have reservations about the secret menu drink, thinking that ordering one could only make things very difficult for the baristas as with the case for any fan-made custom orders.

Prior to making the recipe for Baby Yoda Frappuccino, is best known for creating the Jack Skellington and Sally Frappuccinos. Just this October, the website also crafted The Joker Frappuccino, a red, white, and green drink inspired by the DC villain.

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