Indiana Jones is officially raiding Fortnite season 3

Indiana Jones joins Darth Vadar in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 3

Indiana Jones Fortnite 01

Epic Games has confirmed that Indiana Jones is slated to become playable very soon for its massively popular shooter game, Fortnite. This is after a bit of hype was stirred up by previous leaks suggesting the character’s availability as a skin last April.

The update announcement was made on Twitter and Epic Game’s official website, amongst a slew of other new stuff planned for Chapter 3: Season 3.

While there’s still sometime before the legendary swashbuckling archaeologist jumps and shoots his way into the game, you can essentially prepare for his skin by simply progressing with the current battle pass (Season 3).

Aside from Indiana Jones himself, there were a few other nifty tidbits and references included in his teaser announcement in Chapter 3: Season 3. This includes the temple structure that he’ll be swinging around into, the vibe of which is most likely a callback to Indy’s first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indiana Jones Fortnite 02
A version of Raiders of the Lost Ark seems to be coming to Fortnite

The grand irony to Indy’s announcement for Fortnite, though, is that he’s arriving in the same Chapter 3: Season 3 as Darth Vader. Aside from other Star Wars characters already in the game, Hans Solo has been one of the most requested Star Wars characters to appear as a player skin on the platform.  Being that Harrison Ford plays both Hans Solo and Indiana Jones in each prospective franchise, this seems like an unlikely coincidence.

Well, at least Harrison is technically on Fortnite now. Besides, there really is no reason to prematurely give up on that much-anticipated player skin Hans Solo appearance just yet.

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