Baby Yoda as Disney Princesses

Here’s what The Child would look like if he was the star of the classic Disney Princess movies

Baby Yoda as Disney Princesses 14

The Child, aka Baby Yoda, has taken the Internet by storm since his first appearance in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. His cute face, untainted innocence, and seemingly endless curiosity have made Star Wars fans and non-fans alike fall in love with him instantly, resulting in tons of hilarious memes, videos, and fan art online.

Among the many Baby Yoda artworks out there, Crystal Ro’s creations are probably the quirkiest of all. Composed of nine illustrations, Ro’s series of Baby Yoda fan art remaingines the adorable character as Disney Princesses. And though the Star Wars franchise and the Disney Princess line are worlds apart, tone-wise, Ro’s did an amazing job in marrying the two universes together.

Check out the list below to see Ro’s artworks, and decide for yourself if Baby Yoda’s out-of-this-world cuteness is something that Disney Princess movies can handle.

#1 Baby Yoda as Ariel

Baby Yoda as Disney Princesses 15
Credit: Crystal Ro

Baby Yoda looks like he’s about to cry in this Star Wars/Disney Princess mashup art. Firmly holding a dinglehopper as if it’s the most prized possession in the world, The Child appears to be singing the power ballad, Part of Your World, expressing his strong desire to live among humans.