Artist reimagines Disney princesses as witches

Here’s what your favorite Disney Princesses would look like if they were witches or Wiccan

Artist reimagines Disney princesses as witches 14

Disney princesses have become true household names that ushered magical flair into the hearts of people everywhere. From overcoming the challenges brought about by evil queens, to crossing treacherous waters to save the world, all the way to finding true love and living happily ever after, every Disney princess has an inspiring story to tell.

While we all know these beautiful royals for their gentle and kind demeanor, there is an alternate universe wherein they all live as witches. If they’re bad or good witches is unclear, but it’s pretty cool either way. Meet Emma G and ArtCrawl, the amazing artists responsible for giving our lovable Disney princesses a wicked makeover! Read on for a lot of Disney, spells, and potions!

#1 Ariel

Artist reimagines Disney princesses as witches 15
Source: Emma G

No, Ariel, that magic wand is not meant for combing your hair.