Artist shows how Barbie dolls have adjusted to life in quarantine

These photos reveal how Barbie and Ken dolls are spending the quarantine period

Artist Tonya Ruiz recreate real-life scenes using custom Barbie dolls and miniature accessories. And because her artworks are mainly reflections of what’s happening in her personal life and in the world as a whole, most of her recent creations are inspired by the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of her latest projects are called Quarantine Barbies and Pandemic Heroes. Quarantine Barbies are doll sets showing how Barbie and Ken have adjusted to life in quarantine, while Pandemic Heroes are figures honoring different kinds of essential workers during the global health crisis. Take a look at these impressive and highly relatable toy sets in the slideshow below, which also includes photo updates from the artist herself featuring a custom Barbie doll in her likeness.

#1 Pre-COVID-19 Pandemic Barbie & Ken

Credit: Instagram / grandmagetsreal

This photo shows a pair of custom Barbie and Ken dolls depicting the artist and her husband one and a half months before the COVID-19 quarantine began. Seemingly unaware of the then-imminent coronavirus crisis, the couple were all smiles in the kitchen as they made organic brownies hours before the highly anticipated Super Bowl LIV.