These amusing photographs bring Marvel and DC action figures to life

These realistic photos also feature characters from Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece

Talented Japanese photographer, Hot Kenobi, has taken superhero action figures and brought them almost to life. Hot Kenobi’s works are not typical pictures of action figures, as each one of them tells an interesting story. Featuring characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece, Hot Kenobi’s pictures usually depict superheroes doing mundane things, giving fans ideas on what their favorite characters are up to when they’re not saving the world. Take a look at 40 of Hot Kenobi’s amusing photos in the list below:

#1 Usie

Credit: Instagram @hot.kenobi

This picture shows Captain America, Star-Lord, Spider-Man, Tony Stark, and even Thanos posing for a group selfie. While Star-Lord holds the selfie stick, Captain America poses as if he’s falling from a cliff. Spidey waves hi from the bottom, while Tony tries to look majestic by stretching both of his arms. Though the photograph is supposed to be fun, we can’t help but feel a little scared of Thanos who flaunts his Infinity Gauntlet in front of the camera.