What would Pokemon look like if they were real?

Here’s what Pokemon would look like in real life

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Pokemon started taking the world by storm back in 1997 by means of their anime series, video games, and trading cards. Before you knew it, there wasn’t a person on the planet who didn’t know about Pokemon. They were like our virtual pets, but with extraordinary powers and the mysterious ability to fit into a tiny Pokeball.

In 2016, Pokemon made a huge comeback with Pokemon Go, an augmented-reality smartphone game that allows players to literally chase down Pokemon on the streets. We were so close to finally owning a real Pokemon and achieving our Pokemon trainer dreams.

Enter, the Detective Pikachu movie earlier this year. This gave us a fresh view on what a few of our dearest Pokemon would look like in the real world. The fantasy flick was a wonderful revival of the Pokemon craze, opening a floodgate for the return of Pokemon in the form of even more games, merchandise, and fan art all over the globe. Frankly, we can’t get enough of them.

Artist, Joshua Dunlop, totally gets us with his extensive collection of outlandishly realistic Pokemon art renderings that almost literally jump off the pages. This list contains everything from the adorable yet temperamental Jigglypuff to the lazy Snorlax. Welcome to Pokemon paradise, trainers. Are you ready to catch them all?

#1 Pikachu

Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s best friend, but don’t underestimate the electrifying powers of this cutie pie.

#2 Ditto

No, this isn’t jelly. This pink blob with a face is Ditto. She’s classified as a normal type Pokemon, and has the exceptional ability to transform herself into any other Pokemon that she sets her mind to.

#3 Snorlax

Just like in the video games, this very realistic version of the sleepy Snorlax is blocking the bridge. Strangely, this pocket monster species is hailed as one of the strongest Pokemon of all time. His thick layers of body fat make him immune to most attacks from other Pokemon. Moreover, when he decides to doze off, he becomes highly immovable. Snorlax’s main talent? Eating 400 pounds of food before feeling full.

#4 Oddish

Oddish is too adorable for his own good. However, like most Pokemon, cuteness does not factor out power. Oddish is a grass/poison type, and we all know that poison is never a good sign. Better not mess with this onion.

#5 Psyduck

Need an aspirin, Psyduck? This little duck looks confused all the time. He gets headaches, because he just doesn’t understand how powerful his psychic powers actually are. But don’t fret! Once he evolves into Golduck, he’ll be the master of his immensely strong skills.

#6 Venonat

She may be classified as a bug/poison Pokemon, but Venonat looks like she just wants to give you a hug. Just try to avoid her stun spore…and her sleep powder…and her toxic spikes. On second thought, how about just making a friendly wave at her?

#7 Jigglypuff

We all have that one relative that hogs the microphone on karaoke night. Well, in the Pokemon world, that relative is Jigglypuff, a fairy type Pokemon. Sure, you could go ahead and doze off while she sings; just be ready to wake up with a sharpie moustache drawn onto your face.

#8 Dratini

Dratini’s strongest moves are Dragon Breath and Aqua Tail. Personally, I think that captivating people with her big and striking eyes is her true core strength.

#9 Gloom

Don’t look so blue, Gloom! Give it some time, and you’ll evolve into a happy Vileplume.

10. Vileplume

See? You evolved into a cheerful Vileplume! She just needed to go through a metamorphosis.

11. Blastoise

Water-type Pokemon have phenomenally fierce evolutions. Who would think that this warrior of a creature started out as an endearing Squirtle? Awww, they grow up so fast.

12. Raticate

This isn’t just a typical rat. Raticate possesses abilities like Quick Attack and Hyper Fang. Oh, I suppose he kind of is like a typical rat after all. Wait, does this mean that all rats are Pokemon?

13. Alakazam

Alakazam is undoubtedly one of the most mysteriously and gloomy Psychic-type Pokemon ever to hit our TV screens. I present you with what he would look like if he was staring right at you.

14. Starmie

Starmie is a dual-type Pokemon, being both psychic and water type. What would you do if you ran into this bewitching ten-pointed starfish on the beach?

15. Ponyta

Ponyta is just as majestic in reality as she is in the anime series. Just picture this fire type Pokemon whipping her fiery mane around, as she gallops faster than the wind.

16. Charmeleon

Fire type Pokemon are hard to miss. Just look for the flaming tail. They also have three other things in common: they’re fiery, fierce, and ferocious! Did I mention that they like to set things on fire?

17. Tentacruel

Let’s just say, if this water-type Pokemon were to exist in our world, I’d be more careful when swimming in the ocean.

18. Seaking

The name says it all – he’s the king of the sea. This water type champ evolves from a charming Goldeen.

19. Muk

You guessed it, this laughing glob is none other than Muk, a poison type Pokemon that could swallow you whole if he wanted to.

20. Slowbro

Fun fact: Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro when a Shelldar latches onto his tail. So, if you happen to catch a Slowbro, you’ve got a 2-in-one Pokemon. He may be slow, but he’ll be your “bro”. Get it? Slow Bro.

21. Nidoran (Female)

Did anyone else ever wonder why the male Nidoran was always slightly more powerful than the female? Now, that isn’t fair. Wait ’till she evolves into Nidoqueen!

22. Mankey

Mankey, clearly derived from a monkey, is a fighter type Pokemon. Catch this guy, and you’ll have a gym buddy that will teach you some self-defense.

23. Horsea

Sweet little Horsea wants to be your friend. Will you be her trainer?

24. Butterfree

This mesmerizing bug/flying type Pokemon is the culminating evolution of Caterpie. The evolution chart of this Pokemon is a fun nod to the evolution of a caterpillar into a butterfly, but you knew that, right?



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