What cartoon characters would look like in real life

Artist Wil Hughes depicts what cartoon characters would look in “real life”, and the results are downright terrifying

Cartoon characters are often portrayed in uplifting environments and endearing situations. However, Australian digital artist, Wil Hughes, is about to change all that by throwing fear, and maybe even a little bit of revulsion into the mix. To that effect, Wil Hughes has a special knack for transforming innocent pop culture icons into creatures from your deepest darkest nightmares. Are you ready to see Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, and even Mr. Bean in hair-raising 3D form that is super close to real life? If yes, then read on.

#1 Homer Simpson

The Simpsons never fail to give viewers a dose of dark comedy with their hilarious antics. Homer loves donuts and so does his realistic counterpart. Look at him, just drooling at the thought of strawberry glazed donuts with sprinkles. That said, he’s probably harmless in real life… just give him his donuts and it’ll all be okay.