These are the top 5 streaming services

Hulu beat out Disney by just 1-percent

Top 5 streaming services

With theaters closed down and people staying in, streaming platforms became the public’s go-to outlet for both TV and movies in 2020. Studios have even begun releasing brand new films directly to streaming, just like DC did with Wonder Woman 1984 for HBO Max. But unlike the early days of streaming, more players have entered the game. So what are the top 5 streaming services?

What are the top 5 streaming services?

International streaming guide, JustWatch, reports that in 2020, Netflix, unsurprisingly, took the largest market for streaming platforms at 31% followed by Amazon Prime Video at 22%. In third place is Hulu with 14% of the market share.

Both Netflix and Amazon were at the forefront of on-demand streaming and are most likely the most familiar to consumers. Apart from streaming new and existing movies and shows, both platforms also found success in their own originals like Bridgerton or Stranger Things for Netflix or The Boys and Good Omens for Prime Video.

These are the top 5 streaming services 2

Interestingly, coming in very close after Hulu is the fairly new platform, Disney+, holding 13% of the market share — just 1% lower than Hulu. In just one year, the platform was able to grow at an impressive speed. It also houses one of the most popular shows of 2020, The Mandalorian, which is where internet sensation Baby Yoda was first introduced.

In addition to having access to the Star Wars franchise, Disney also has Marvel under its belt. Netflix and Hulu both used to offer Marvel TV series but Disney pulled all of them before launching their service so they could offer them as exclusives on Disney+. The company has also introduced new series featuring characters from the Marvel universe.

Wandavision, which is currently ongoing, features Wanda Maximoff and Vision from the Avengers and has become an incredibly popular show today. Future releases include a series featuring Loki, a Black Panther spinoff, and even a possible resurrection of Agents of Shield.

Following Disney+ is HBO Max with 9% of the market share and newcomer, Peacock, beats out Apple TV+ with 6% market share.

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