Do the WandaVision commercials represent the Infinity Stones?

Each in-universe product ad in the Disney+ miniseries appears to represent an Infinity Stone

Do the WandaVision commercials represent the Infinity Stones? 1

Although five episodes of WandaVision have already been out, it’s still not clear where the miniseries is going or what it’s building up to. And as if the main storyline isn’t already too much to process, most episodes also include an in-universe commercial that can be vaguely bizarre and disquieting at the same time. While those product ads are packed with Easter eggs from previous installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that seemingly reference an important event in Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) life, each one of them also appears to represent an Infinity Stone.

According to, the ToastMate 2000 ad in episode 1 is a nod to the Mind Stone. While the entire episode, including the commercial, is in black and white, the light on the toaster turns yellowish when the woman in the ad pushes the lever down. Also, Vision (Paul Bettany), the former owner of the Mind Stone, is often called a toaster in the Marvel Comics lore.

ToastMate 2000 | Marvel Studios

The Strucker watch commercial in episode 2 easily represents the Time Stone, while the ad for the Hydra Soak in episode 3 seems to be a reference to the Space Stone, as the blue box of the bath powder looks very similar to the Tesseract that houses the powerful gem.

Strücker | Marvel Studios
Hydra Soak | Marvel Studios


Lastly, the Lagos paper towels commercial in episode 5 appears to be a reference to the Reality Stone, as the ad shows the paper towels being used to clean up a red liquid that resembles the Aether in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World.

Lagos Ad. Scene [4K] | WandaVision 01x05

For this theory to be correct, the upcoming four episodes of WandaVision should at least feature two commercials dedicated to the Soul Stone and Power Stone.

Though the WandaVision commercials may indeed represent the Infinity Stones, it doesn’t seem that they have something to do with what’s going on in the miniseries plot-wise. In a series of videos posted on the official Marvel Instagram account last June, the status of each of the six stones is listed as “destroyed,” seemingly confirming that they will no longer appear in the MCU.


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The next episode of WandaVision will arrive on Disney+ on Friday, February 12th.

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