S’mores Oreo is coming back this 2019

This much-missed sandwich cookie is also getting a new packaging.

S'mores Oreo

S’mores Oreo is finally returning to a store near you.

According to Candy Hunting, the limited-edition Oreo sandwich cookie, which was last spotted in 2016, will be hitting the shelves once again in late spring of 2019.

The packaging of the much-missed flavor is also getting a new design. The Junk Food Aisle recently took to its Instagram account to reveal the much cooler look of the biscuit’s wrapping.

As seen in the packaging, S’mores Oreo features graham cracker-flavored cookies and two layers of creme filling: marshmallow and chocolate. While Nabisco has yet to reveal whether or not the second wave of S’mores Oreo has a new improved flavor, The Junk Food Aisle pointed out that the sandwich cookie tastes better than before.

S’mores Oreo was officially launched on May 22, 2015. But as early as January of that year, S’mores Oreo was already in its sampling phase, where it was tested with various buyers across the country.

Though this year’s return of S’mores Oreo will only be temporary, fans have a lot of new Oreo products to enjoy. Just this January, as reported by The Junk Food Aisle, Nabisco released the new Dark Chocolate Oreo, Carrot Cake Oreo, as well as Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa Mix.

Nabisco also recently released the limited-edition Oreo The Most Stuf, which has the thickest creme filling among all kind of Oreos in the market, and the limited-edition Love, Oreo, which features a fruity sweet and tangy creme.

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