Ben & Jerry’s is selling cookie dough without the ice cream

If it does well, we may soon see it in other markets

Fans of cookie dough may be pleased to hear Ben & Jerry’s is testing a ‘snackable’ version of the company’s iconic dough recipe.

Although the company has put cookie dough into its ice cream for decades, these ‘Cookie Dough Chunks’ represent the first time they’ve offered just the chunks.

Nerdist and others are reporting that ice cream shops across Vermont will be the first to offer the bite-size snacks. Jody Eley – Ben & Jerry’s Innovation Manager – told reporters “If it does well, it may be available online and in other distribution channels later this year.”

And if you’re worried about tummy aches, fret not. The company uses ‘pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour,’ to prevent digestion issues.

Whether you love or hate the idea, I’m willing to bet you’ll find it more appetizing than this Mayonnaise-flavored ice cream.