LEGO has come out with an Overwatch collection featuring Bastion

Bastion’s 182-piece set is just the first in a long line to come

Blizzard Entertainment has partnered with LEGO on a 182-piece set featuring Bastion.

The 4-inch display figure showcases the beloved Overwatch character in the iconic “orange Omnic Crisis skin with a display plate built from LEGO bricks.” According to Blizzard, LEGO Bastion’s upper body and arms are moveable – and the machine gun fixed to the character’s right arm actually fires tiny projectiles. The duo behind the collection even when as far as including Ganymede, Bastion’s little birdie sidekick.

The limited edition collection – which is now available for $25 – can only be purchased through Blizzard’s website and at next month’s BlizzCon event in Anaheim. According to the company, Bastion’s set is just the first in a long line of Overwatch / LEGO collaborations to come.

What’s more, as more fans across the globe discover Overwatch, Blizzard says they’ll continue working with other brand to produce merchandise. This latest LEGO Bastion announcement comes just months after the company unveiled it’s Nerf collaboration, as well as inked a multi-year broadcasting deal with ESPN.

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