Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron model has real horsepower

LEGO says it took workers over 13,000 work hours to complete


LEGO has created a drivable, life-size Bugatti Chiron made from the company’s Technic elements.

Without the aid of glue, engineers used over 1,000,000 pieces to create this replica. It’s powered by LEGO Power Function motors and generates 5.3 HP – a far cry from the nearly 1,500 HP found in the real version.

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LEGO says it took workers over 13,000 hours to complete the replica. During the process, workers used over 2,300 motors, 4,000 gears and 330 different types of Technic elements.

This latest LEGO / Bugatti project comes on the heels of LEGO launching its 1:8 scale Bugatti Chiron set. For $350, buyers get a 3,599 piece kit that embodies the essence of the Chiron.

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