Has The Expanse ended?

Will there be a season 7 of The Expanse?

Has The Expanse ended? 1

The last episode of the sixth and final season of The Expanse debuted on Amazon Prime Video last Friday, wrapping up the epic sci-fi series, at least for now.

In the finale, titled Babylon’s Ashes, the Rocinante crew led an assault on Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander) and his Free Navy by attempting to take control of his rail guns mounted on the Ring gate surface. While they failed to take over the guns, Amos (Wes Chatham), Bobbie (Frankie Adams) and the strike team managed to survive the mission with the timely assistance from the Rocinante ship.

After their initial plan didn’t work out, the team went on to execute a much daring Plan B that involved throwing everything at the Ring to wake up a group of mysterious aliens called “Entities.” To carry out the plan, a massive overload of one ship was required, and that basically what caused Marco and his Free Navy to be destroyed forever.

Just like in the sixth installment of the Expanse novel series on which the show’s season 6 is based, Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) held a peace treaty of sorts with all the different factions of the Solar System following the defeat of Marco and the Free Navy. This peace treaty led to the formation of the Transport Union, a united guild that is responsible for regulating traffic through the Rings.

Avasarala nominated Holden (Steven Strait) to head the new organization. After accepting the job as President, Holden appointed Drummer (Cara Gee) the Vice President of the Union. But during his acceptance speech, Holden resigned immediately, giving Drummer the job as President and cementing the peace between the Belt and the inner planets.

Is The Expanse coming back for a season 7 on Amazon Prime Video?

Though The Expanse finale mostly covered the events that took place at the end of the sixth book, it also dropped clues and references about some of the big players in the seventh, eighth, and ninth installments of the novel series, including Admiral Winston Duarte (Dylan Taylor) who set his sights on “Gods,” and the precocious siblings Xan (Ian Ho) and Cara (Emma Ho), who were last seen exploring the Laconian wilderness.

While there’s no plan for a season 7 yet, showrunner Naren Shankar said that he and his fellow executive producers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (the authors of The Expanse novel series) would love to continue the live-action adaptation of the novel series if Alcon Television and Amazon would want them to do so.

“This has been such a delightful experience. We love the show and we love making the show. Right now, the future really lies with Alcon Television, which is the studio that makes the show, and Amazon, if there is in some form, an appetite for more,” Shankar told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the future of the show.

Shankar added: “I think from the standpoint of just the pure creative, I think what we tried to do at least was come to a satisfying conclusion of a huge chunk of the story while leaving the door open for more if the appetite and the desire is there. I’m certainly not betraying any confidence to say that Ty, Daniel and I — speaking for ourselves — would love to do it. It would be a remarkable thing to complete the whole book series that way. And I certainly hope we get to do it.”

Whether or not The Expanse gets a follow-up in the future, Shankar said that ending the show with season 6 makes sense. “Where it ends is essentially in a new political order for the solar system that resolves the situation that we started with in the very, very beginning,” Shankar said of The Expanse season 6. “And, of course, it leaves the door open because there are things going on in Laconia that are going to change the order in the solar system. But the time gap between book six and book seven is almost 30 years. So it’s a natural place and a natural ending in many ways.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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