The Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer is giving off major Stranger Things vibes

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard stars in the new film with Carrie Coon, Paul Rudd, and McKenna Grace

Sony revives Shrink from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld

Sony Pictures has just dropped the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and if you’ve seen Stranger Things, then you would definitely notice that the upcoming movie has some similarities with the hit Netflix series.

For one, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set in Summerville, Oklahoma, a small and mysterious rural town just like Stranger Things’ Hawkins, Indiana. Though Summerville doesn’t seem to have a parallel world like The Upside Down, the town is experiencing unexplainable earthquakes on a daily basis.

Directed by Jason Reitman from a story written by him and Gil Kenan, Ghostbusters: Afterlife follows the story of single mom Callie (Carrie Coon) and her children Phoebe (McKenna Grace) and Trevor (Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard) who move to Summerville to start a new life.


In the opening scene of the trailer, Trevor’s tells his classmate (Celeste O’Connor) that it’s his mom who wants them to move to Summerville. “We’re completely broke,” explains Trevor. “And the only thing that’s left in her name is this creepy old farm house that our grandfather (who she doesn’t even know) left us in the middle of nowhere.”

The heart-to-heart talk between Trevor and his classmate is cut short by a sudden shake of the ground, which leads to a new scene featuring school teacher Mr. Grooberson (Paul Rudd), who explains why Summerville’s earthquakes are unusual.

According to Mr. Grooberson — a role that somehow resembles to Randy Havens’ Scott Clarke on Stranger Things — Summerville “isn’t anywhere a tectonic plate”; it has “no fault lines, no fracking, [and] no loud music,” so it’s really a huge mystery why the town is being hit by earthquakes regularly.

The trailer then gets more exciting when Phoebe finds a ghost trap hidden in the farm house and subsequently learns that his grandfather is actually Dr. Egon Spengler, one of the original Ghostbusters played by the late Harold Ramis in the first Ghostbusters film and its sequel.

Though not seen in the trailer, original Ghostbusters cast members Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venkman), Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz), Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore), Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett), and Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz) are all confirmed to appear in the movie.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will open in U.S. theaters on July 10th, 2020.

Source: Gizmodo
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