Chipotle is giving away free Bitcoin and burritos

Three winners will receive $25,000 in Bitcoin

Chipotle is giving away free Bitcoin and burritos

If you haven’t ridden on the Bitcoin hype train yet, here’s another chance to do so. Mexican fast-food restaurant, Chipotle, has launched its newest giveaway in celebration of Nation Burrito Day. The contest will give its customers a chance to win up to $25,000 worth in Bitcoin — or a free burrito.

The company is launching its contest website,, on April 1. There, customers will have to find a way to crack a 6-digit code for a chance to win the grand prize. The contest will only run for one day only and will end at 6 PM Pacific Time or when all the prizes run out. Each player will also only have 10 tries to guess the 6-digit code.

The total amount of prizes being given away by Chipotle for this contest equal to $100,000 in Bitcoin and $100,000 in food. There will be three winners receiving $25,000 in Bitcoin, 50 winners of $500 also in Bitcoin, and 10,000 winners of one free burrito.

Chipotle has also confirmed that this is not an April Fool’s Day prank and that the prizes are real. The contest is also in partnership with Stefan Thomas, the man famous for losing about $220 million worth of Bitcoin because he forgot his wallet’s password. This is where Chipotle got the concept of having only 10 tries to win, much like Thomas probably only had 3 tries to get his money.

The Burritos Or Bitcoin contest by Chipotle is the first time that a US restaurant will be giving away cryptocurrency as a grand prize. This proves that Bitcoin’s popularity has now reached mainstream audiences. Having recently achieved record-high value in the recent months, more and more ways of obtaining Bitcoin are popping up so that even the most casual user can try to dabble in cryptocurrency.

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