How to earn free Bitcoins without mining

Earn free Bitcoin when you shop while using this free Chrome extension

How to earn free Bitcoins without mining

Traditionally, Bitcoin is mined using high-powered GPUs and CPUs but other ways have risen to get a hold of some for free. One of the easier options to obtain Bitcoin for free without being very technical is through a browser extension called Lolli. Currently only available in the US, Lolli rewards users with either Bitcoin or cash when they shop online.

How to earn free Bitcoins without mining

Lolli, short for lollipop, is a free downloadable browser extension for Google Chrome that lets users know when they’re on a site where they can earn Bitcoin from shopping there. The company has partnered with over one thousand merchants across different categories and even includes popular shopping sites like Sephora and Best Buy. The extension also works for other popular services like Udemy, Postmates, and even McAfee.

How to earn free Bitcoins without mining is a free Chrome extension that lets you earn free Bitcoin while you shop online

All users have to do is download the browser extension and shop normally at any of Lolli’s partner stores. The extension will automatically notify users to activate their savings and once checked out, eligible earnings will go straight to the user’s account. A Bitcoin wallet is also automatically created once a user registers for Lolli. Earnings can also be withdrawn to a USD bank account if the wallet balance is at least $15.

Nowadays Bitcoin is a globally-known digital currency that’s becoming more and more accessible. In recent months, Bitcoin also reached its highest monetary value and garnered a lot of attention after billionaire Elon Musk bought a large amount for Tesla.