GameStop customer finds 1 Bitcoin in trading cards

1 full Bitcoin uncovered from Cardsmiths’ Currency Series 2 Trading Cards

Bitcoin Redemption Card from Cardsmiths' Currency Series 2

Imagine cracking open a pack of trading cards, only to discover a real-life golden ticket – a whole Bitcoin nestled amongst the glossy cardboard. This isn’t a scene from a wild fever dream, but the incredible reality for one lucky GameStop customer. News of this mind-blowing find has gone viral, leaving collectors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike scratching their heads and wondering: what are the odds, and could there be more hidden treasures waiting to be discovered? In this article, we delve into the details of this extraordinary find, exploring the potential implications for the world of trading cards, cryptocurrency, and the strange intersections where the two might collide.

Where did the lucky collector unearth the full 1 Bitcoin redemption card?

Earlier in March 2024, Cardsmiths announced that a full 1 Bitcoin Redemption Card has been unearthed from one of its Currency Series 2 Trading Card Set packs. The surprising discovery took place at a Gamestop store in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

As of today, March 3, 2024, Bitcoin is currently trading at a value of approximately $63,000. This recent discovery highlights the unique appeal of Cardsmiths’ Currency Trading Cards, which offers collectors an opportunity to explore the ever-evolving world of finance and economics while featuring an industry-first cryptocurrency redemption program.

“Our team is incredibly excited to see this extraordinary discovery unfold. It’s a reminder of the joy and anticipation that collectors experience with each new addition to our offerings,” said Steve Loney, CEO of “We remain committed to delivering quality products, striving to continuously create memorable experiences for our customers.”

Bitcoin Redemption Card from Cardsmiths' Currency Series 2
Bitcoin Redemption Card from Cardsmiths’ Currency Series 2

What is Cardsmiths’ Currency Series?

Cardsmiths’ Currency Series is a collection of unique trading cards produced by Cardsmiths. These cards focus on economics, finance, and banking, featuring original artwork by renowned artists and designers.

The series is known for two key aspects:

Educational Content: The cards showcase leading figures, places, currencies, and technologies that have played a significant role in shaping the global economy as we know it. This provides an engaging and informative way to learn about various economic concepts.

Hidden Value: Some cards within the series contain real cryptocurrency redeemable by the owner. This element adds an exciting layer of chance and potential reward for collectors, making the series even more captivating.

The first set, Currency Series 1, was launched in 2022 and included cards featuring topics like the history of money, the Federal Reserve, and prominent figures like Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. The second series, Currency Series 2, followed in 2023, highlighting prominent figures, locales, currencies, and technologies that have played pivotal roles in shaping the global economy as it exists today.

Collectors of the series have the chance to uncover an array of rare variant cards. Potential finds include parallel holofoils, Meta-Rare RefractorTM, serial-numbered Gemstone RefractorTM cards, and randomly inserted Redemption Cards that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Cardsmiths' Currency Series 2

Where to buy Currency Trading Cards

Currency Trading Cards are available for purchase on the Cardsmiths website, Geek Fuel, and Amazon.

What is Cardsmiths?

Cardsmiths is a subsidiary of the e-commerce retailer TOYNK. Cardsmiths focuses on creating unique and innovative trading card sets like Currency.

Beyond the well-known Currency Series, Cardsmiths offers a variety of other unique and intriguing trading card sets, catering to diverse interests. Here are a few examples:

Dragons Lair Trading Cards Series 1: This series takes you on a fantastical journey into the world of dragons, featuring captivating artwork and lore-inspired details.

Killer Klowns Trading Cards Series 1: Inspired by the cult classic horror film “Killer Klowns from Outer Space,” this series offers a darkly humorous and collectible experience for fans of the movie.

Bob Ross Trading Cards Series 1: This series pays homage to the beloved artist and television personality Bob Ross, featuring iconic landscapes and positive messages in a unique collectible format.

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