Comic book writer Scott Snyder thinks Batman is happy being Batman

Snyder believes that Bruce Wayne doesn’t question his decision to be the Caped Crusader

Comic book writer Scott Snyder thinks Batman is happy being Batman 1

Having written a lot of comic books featuring Batman since 2011, Scott Snyder often gets asked if the Caped Crusader can ever be happy. And though Batman’s role in protecting the crime- and corruption-ridden Gotham is no easy task, Snyder thinks that Batman is happy being Batman.

“I get asked sometimes if batman can ever be happy, and the strange thing is that for me, he is. At least with being batman,” Snyder tweeted on Tuesday. “He created a family, but more than this he’s dedicated his life to something he believes in. It’s life lived in service of and sacrifice for an ideal.”

Though Batman questions his efficacy as a vigilante, Snyder believes that Bruce Wayne didn’t have second thoughts when he finally decided to suit up as the Caped Crusader. “His demons come from doubts about batman’s effectiveness, not doubts about his choice to be batman,” explained the scribe. “Don’t get me wrong, there are opposing versions I love, some are actually favorites, but that’s the one I return to.”

A lot of Batman fans agreed to Snyder, with some of them even commenting that the writer’s unique interpretation of the iconic DC character is one of the reasons they love the Batman comic book series he authored.

But as expected, there are also some fans who don’t think Batman can ever be happy.

In the end, whether or not Batman is happy being Gotham’s prime protector is subjective, and that’s actually one of the things that make him such an interesting character. After all, Batman is a complicated hero and readers have all the freedom to interpret the character any way they like it.

Snyder is a co-writer of the Batman: Gates of Gotham miniseries. He also served as a writer for the comic book series Batman, Swamp Thing, Batman Eternal, Justice League: No Justice, and many more.

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