WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls are born from the metaverse

These fashion dolls offer seamless interactive play in both the physical and digital worlds

WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls

Toy company WowWee has finally entered the fashion doll category with its innovative product line called WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls.

What are WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls?

WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls are born from the metaverse 4
L-R: WowWee MyAvastars Dreamer 3.0, KawaiiPie^^, and A_VibeThng

Inspired by kids’ use of digital avatars to explore, create, and express themselves in the metaverse, WowWee My Avastars are fashion dolls that enable seamless interactive play in both the digital world and in real life. Created in partnership with top Roblox publisher Gamefam, the new toy line of doll action figures can be played with in the real world and can also be brought to life online.

Play with My Avastars online

Each WowWee My Avastars doll comes with its own individual code to be redeemed on the Roblox platform within the new game called My Avastars: RP. Launched in July 2022, the roleplaying game lets children bring their real life fashion star dolls to life online, unlocking new fashions, Avastars hairstyles, and even facial features.

WowWee and Gamefam have also developed a Discord server to allow a two-way conversation between fans and the brand, making My Avastars the first community-centric fashion doll property in the toy industry. With the Discord server, fans will have an integral voice in the evolution of My Avastars, both in the expansion of the gameplay and the physical toy line.

“As the Roblox universe continues to grow, we’re focused on creating the next generation of hit franchises born from the metaverse,” said Joe Ferencz, founder and CEO of Gamefam, in a press release. “My Avastars marks the first time a toy and Roblox game have been developed concurrently, reaching players with an engaging experience both in the real world and in the metaverse.”

Play with My Avastars in the real world

At launch, the WowWee My Avastars physical toy line was comprised of three dolls: KawaiiPie^^A_VibeThng, and Dreamer 3.0. Each My Avastars doll comes dressed in its signature fashion-forward outfit along with a mystery bonus outfit, accessory decals, and reusable sticker sheets for more than 100 possible My Avastars looks in each box. Kids are encouraged to mix and match clothing items, face stickers, tattoo stickers, and clothing decals to make their My Avastars dolls as unique as possible.

“One of the things that’s unique about My Avastars is the aesthetic of the doll itself,” said Andrew Yanofsky, VP of Marketing and Operations at WowWee. “Traditionally, fashion dolls are molded to ‘perfection.’ In comparison, the blockish shape of My Avastars, the flat surfaces, the peel and repeat sticker play, are all designed to provoke kids’ creativity by allowing them to change and rearrange their dolls as they do their avatars.”

Where to buy WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls

Originally priced at $24.99 each, WowWee My Avastars dolls were first made available for pre-order on Amazon, with a limited number of orders shipped in the summer of 2022 before officially hitting shelves at major retailers in October of the same year.

My Avastars Fashion Doll – KawaiiPie^^
$24.99 $14.99

Meet KawaiiPie^^, this My Avastars fashion doll is perfect for any Kawaii-obsessed cutie.

Buy Now
09/13/2023 01:33 pm GMT
My Avastars Fashion Doll - A_VibeThng
$24.99 $12.89

A_VibeThng My Avastar fashion doll is a great companion for kids who imbibe nothing but good vibes.

Buy Now
11/30/2023 10:33 am GMT
My Avastars Fashion Doll - Dreamer_3.0
$24.99 $19.99

Dreamer_3.0 is the dreamiest among all My Avastars fashion dolls.

Buy Now
11/30/2023 10:28 am GMT

In addition to Amazon, fans can now buy Dreamer 3.0, KawaiiPie^^, and A_VibeThng at Walmart, Target, and Macy’s. If you pass by Macy’s Herald Square, WowWee has a window display for My Avastars and its other product line, Twilight Daycare.

The in-store launch of My Avastars also coincided with the official reveal of the brand’s two new fashion dolls: HypeGirrrrl_77 and Trackie-O.

Originally priced at $39.99, HypeGirrrrl_77 is available as a deluxe pack at TRU at Macy’s. Trackie-O, meanwhile, is a Walgreens exclusive retailing at $19.99. Both dolls made their Amazon debut in November 2022.

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My Avastars Hypegirrrrl_77 fashion doll
WowWee My Avastars fashion dolls are born from the metaverse 6
My Avastars Trackie-O fashion doll

The in-store retail debut of WowWee My Avastars was also made extra special with the launch of the new fashion makeover game on, where players can build their own digital Avastar. My Avastars wearable skins are also now available on Decentraland. These wearable outfits, accessories, and hairdos allow users to achieve a variety of looks for their digital avatars, giving them endless customization opportunities that promote self-expression.

Though WowWee My Avastars was launched in June 2022 with a collaboration with Roblox, the toy line is no longer involved with the online game platform.

Find out more about WowWee My Avastars on its official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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