World’s worst hairstyles

These hairstyles are incredibly bizarre, yet that hasn’t stopped folks from having them

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If you thought that mohawks, mullets, and multi-hues were the craziest hairstyles to ever grace people’s heads, then get ready to get your wigs snatched, because we’re about to prove you wrong.  After all, hair has become a blank canvas to express our personal creativity on; so when styling it, the sky’s the limit. Brace yourselves for the mane event and read on for some hair-raising hair-dos.

#1 The eye

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This haircut is staring straight to the core of your soul. We warn you to avoid making direct eye contact, because you might turn into stone. On another note, those are some impressive eyelashes.

#2 Zipper cut

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It may be visually painful to look at, but the creativity level on this mane is at 100%. With this cut, you have the option of donning your full head of hair or going for a fresh bald look with the simple pull of a zipper.

#3 Two-faced

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Is it just us, or is this Voldemort on the back of Professor Quirrell’s head? If you ever decide to ask your barber to give you this haircut, no one would dare to talk about you behind your back.

#4 Super Saiyan

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We’ve concluded that this photo could be a result of two things. 1. This person has harnessed all their energy and morphed into a Super Saiyan. 2. The humidity in this room is off the charts.

#5 Carrot Mane


This gives new meaning to the phrase “carrot-top”. Besides, if you ever get hungry while you’re on the go, all you have to do is grab a carrot from your hair.

#6 Modern Medusa


We thought those were snakes at first, but they’re just twisted strands of hair. What do you guys think? They’re not snakes, right? Just checking.

#7 Oh, Christmas tree


This guy is all about immersing yourself in the Christmas spirit.

#8 Ratatouille


If you’ve seen the movie, Ratatouille, then you’ll be glad to know that this is Remy in real life. He’s happy and well, still hanging out with Alfredo Linguini by clinging to his head.

#9 Money on the mind

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Everyone loves money, but this is next level: Money, money, money… money!

#10 Horse Mane

Source: Pinterest

Yes, that is indeed hair in the shape of a proud stallion, and it’s quite amazing actually. Props to the hairstylist who had the patience and proper knowledge of physics to be able to accomplish this.

#11 Rainbow hair

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Why settle for a monotone mane when you can have them all?

#12 Double cupcake buns

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Okay, quick question: While staring at this photo, are you craving for blueberry cupcakes, or does it make you imagine choking on a bunch of bright-colored hair?

 #13 Tic Tac Toe

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Can we interest you in a hair-raising game of Tic Tac Toe?

#14 (Hot)Pink Mess

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We love a healthy dose of pink, but what exactly is this? Is it supposed to be a Barbie doll or a lobster?

#15 Labels are important

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If you have quadruplets, and their teachers are having a tough time distinguishing them from one another, you might want to take a cue from this photo. Problem solved!

 #16 The Simpsons

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Marge, is that you?

#17 Taste the rainbow


Take your affinity for Skittles to the next level by dyeing your hair in its honor.

 #18 Disco Head


Is this what people meant when they said “shine bright like a diamond”, or was that a bit too literal?

#19 Millennial problems

Ugh. People never put their phones down anymore.

 #20 Heart hair


Looks legit until… your hair breaks off due to heat styling damage.

#21 Spiderhead


OMG, someone please tell this guy that there’s a huge spider on his head.

#22 Blown away

Source: Pinterest

That moment when the weather doesn’t work in your hair’s favor.

#23 Lifehack

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Stayed up late last night? Can’t keep your eyes open during class? We’ve got your back… um…we mean head. We’ve got your head.

#24 Mohawk to the nth power


Give us a mohawk, but make it grande.

#25 Photos that you can feel


Ran out of hair wax? Use candle wax instead.

#26 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


You know the answer to this question. Say it with us now: Spongebob Squarepants!

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