Quarantine haircut fails that will make you burst into laughter

Bad haircuts are hard to live with, even in isolation

With several barbershops and salons closed during the quarantine period, a lot of people with long and unruly hair took the risk and had their crowning glory trimmed at home. Some did it on their own while others got help from their family and friends. While many of those haircuts turned out just fine, there were a few that went horribly and hilariously wrong. If you’re planning of having your hair cut at home without the assistance of any professional barber or hairdresser, the below list of quarantine haircut fails may change your mind for the better.

#1 John Lithgow Jr.

Credit: Reddit KThingy

After cutting his own hair, the kid in the photo asked his dad to fix it for him. But before the father did so, he was able to convince his child to have a little fun with his hairdo. Seemingly aiming for a timeless professor look, the dad matched his son’s hairstyle with a long-sleeved checkered shirt topped with a red vest and a snowflakes-printed bow tie. Though the duo nailed the look they’re aiming for, the outfit actually made the kid look like a mini version of the actor John Lithgow.