What’s the deal with freeze dried Skittles?

Freeze dried Skittles have risen to popularity for their crunch and amplified flavor

What's the deal with freeze dried Skittles?
Freeze dried Skittles | Image from Etsy

Food never stops evolving, and Skittles are no exception to this rule. From the bag to the freezer, these colorful sweets have taken on a new form. But if you’ve ever encountered frozen Skittles online, you must have wondered: what’s the deal with freeze dried Skittles?

Tasting the rainbow was already pretty flavorful, but now, you can indulge in your favorite multicolored snack in a unique and possibly more delicious way. The biggest perk of this innovative method to munch on Skittles is that you’ll be creating an unconventional snack that will last for a very long time.

So, without further ado, this is our attempt at answering your burning question: what’s the deal with freeze dried Skittles?

What's the deal with freeze dried Skittles?
Freeze dried Skittles | Image from Etsy

What’s the deal with freeze dried Skittles?

When you think of the term, “freeze dried food”, your mind most likely wanders to astronauts, but now it has become a common technique that provides a fleet of tasty benefits for candy and other types of food. In a nutshell, freeze drying is a technique used to preserve food items for long-term storage.

We know what you’re thinking; Skittles taste so good that they are usually consumed instantly. Why would anyone want to preserve Skittles for that long?

Well, the answer is that freeze drying Skittles makes them crunchy instead of chewy. Moreover, it amplifies their iconic flavor and prevents them from sticking to your teeth (literally the only downside to munching on Skittles.)

What do freeze dried Skittles taste like?

Of course, this must be your primary question; the flavor! Because if they don’t taste good, what’s the point? Luckily, freeze dried Skittles taste fantastic.

Freeze dried Skittles have a prominent tangy taste that pairs beautifully with a myriad of other snacks. Enjoy them with salted peanuts or freeze dried mini marshmallows to incorporate some creaminess that balances out the citrus goodness of Skittles.

How many calories are in freeze dried Skittles?

Freeze dried Skittles contain approximately 160 calories per serving. That’s a little bit more compared to their original versions, but once you taste the difference, it will be completely worth it.

How are freeze dried Skittles made?

What’s the deal with freeze dried Skittles if they aren’t easy to make, right?

Luckily, making freeze drying Skittles isn’t complicated at all. Here’s the freeze dried Skittles recipe:

All you have to do is place the candy in a single layer on a dryer tray and pop them in the freezer. You’ll know they’re ready when the filling expands, cracks the shell, and doubles in size. A huge bonus is that you’ll have fun with all of the different shapes and sizes that they form.

How long can freeze dried Skittles last?

The art of freeze drying is a wonderful way to preserve food for amazingly long periods of time. The shelf life of food items gets extended by tenfold when subjected to this preservation process.

When it comes to freeze dried Skittles, in particular, they can last several years when stored the properly. It is important to note that when the candy starts to discolor or change in flavor, it is no longer safe for consumption.

Where to buy freeze dried Skittles?

Making your own freeze dried Skittles is pretty awesome, but for those times when you don’t feel like going DIY(or if you aren’t very crafty), you can purchase freeze dried Skittles from Etsy and Amazon.

Get ready to ride a whole new wave (or rainbow, actually) of flavor with freeze dried Skittles.