These pop culture characters blend in perfectly with walls and sidewalks

See how cutouts of Disney, The Simpsons, and Looney Tunes characters fit in with the real world

Some people see street art as a form of vandalism. But would an artwork still be branded as one if it actually makes a dull wall or sidewalk more pleasing to the eyes? Such is the purpose of the works of Barcelona-based street artist EFIX (Instagram). With humorous illustrations of pop culture characters painted or printed on paper, EFIX gives life to plain-looking passageways and fixes off-putting blemishes around his city. Wary of destroying the urban landscape, EFIX only uses materials that do not stay for a long time. Check out some of his works in the list below, and see how they’ve made Barcelona look more alive than ever.

#1 Mowgli and Baloo

Credit: Instagram efixworld

The Jungle Book’s Mowgli and Baloo are enjoying the heat of the sun in this street art that seamlessly incorporates a beautiful palm tree and a sea of smooth white pebbles. EFIX also hung a bunch of bananas on a dangling rope to push the artwork’s tropical vibe even further.