31 times The Simpsons made us ROFL with its hilarious signs

These blink-and-you-miss-it visuals are little nuggets of comedy gold

Though episodes of The Simpsons run for only about 25 minutes each, every installment of the Fox animated sitcom is chock-full of hilarious moments and funny social commentaries. But in addition to the controversial themes it tackles, caricature characters it introduces, and witty dialogues it delivers week in and week out, the long-running series also places humorous signs all over the fictional town of Springfield to evoke more laughter from viewers within the confines of its short running time. Most of those signs are blink-and-you-miss-it visuals, so if you’re not one of those vigilant, eagle-eyed fans, browse the list below to see some of those little nuggets of comedy gold.

#1 Die vs. Diet

A lot of people probably have the same hilarious reaction as Homer Simpson whenever they’re told to go on a diet. Based on the meme above, it’s pretty apparent that the Simpsons patriarch is more afraid of following a diet plan than dying per se.