A TikToker edits his kids’ Disney Princess books to remove gender stereotypes

A TikTok user has gained millions of views for his ongoing series of Disney Princess edits

A TikToker edits his kids’ Disney Princess books to remove gender stereotypes 1

Father and TikToker @dcaspers is using his image editing skills to change the stories of his daughters’ Disney Princess books, which he feels are full of gender stereotypes.

In his now-viral TikTok series, @dcaspers edits illustrations and alters texts from his children’s Step Into Reading books to remove what he perceives as gender stereotyping.

Part five of the series features Ariel from The Little Mermaid. In the original story, the Princess of Atlantica is having a hard time baking a cake for Prince Eric — a scene that doesn’t sit well with @dcaspers. “Ariel changes her body, leaves her friends and family… and now she’s baking, all for him,” he writes.

The video then shows how @dcaspers changes the pages from the book. One of the book’s original illustrations show Ariel holding a piping bag full of icing. But after the edits, Ariel is now holding a hot slice of delivery pizza. Additionally, instead of enjoying the cake together, Prince Eric now eats his pizza with a fork while Ariel scrolls on TikTok, where she finds a “new love.”

@dcaspers Changing tomorrow starts today. #madatdisney #girldad #dadhacks #disney ♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

In another installment of the series, @dcaspers focuses on Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. In the original story, the Princess of Maldonia bakes cookies, cakes, and pies for Prince Naveen, and even spoon-feeds him after all the cooking. But after @dcaspers made his alterations to the book, Tiana is now seen making a tray of nachos. And instead of sharing the nachos with Naveen, Tiana frankly tells him that she made the nachos all for herself.

@dcaspers Changing tomorrow starts today. #madatdisney #girldad #dadhacks ♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

Several TikTokers are praising @dcaspers‘ edits. “You are such a great dad. This is what we should teach our daughters, not that women do the cooking, cleaning and chores,” lauded one user.

Another user wrote: “I honestly love this! I can’t stand stereotypes, and for Disney to use them when most little kids look up to/love them is awful. You’re amazing.”

However, not everyone is fond of @dcaspers’ TikTok series. In fact, some people argue that his edits are more problematic than the original stories.

“‘While he eats his pizza, she found an interesting book on the internet.’ I think that’s better,” wrote one user.

“What’s wrong with baking? And how is spending all your time on social media better than a fun activity that anyone can do?” one critic asked.

Another user commented: “How is encouraging your daughters to order junk food better than encouraging them to be skilled in something and therefore be truly independent?”

Although some people clearly don’t agree with his videos, @dcaspers’ efforts to be involved in his children’s lives are truly admirable.

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