The Boys gives NYC Subway A Trains a fitting makeover

The Boys’ A-Train takes over the NYC Subway A Line

C Subway A Line promotion featuring A-Train

Amazon Prime Video is promoting The Boys in New York City in the aptest way possible.

The streaming service has given the trains of the NYC Subway A Line a new exciting look that features the image of Jessie T. Usher’s character in the superhero series. Usher plays the speedster A-Train in the show, making the above-the-line promotion a pun in itself.

Aside from images of A-Train plastered on the exterior of the trains, in-world advertising from The Boys, including the A-Train energy drink, can also be found inside the trains. See the photos below:

The Boys NYC Subway A Line promotion
Credit: Amazon Prime Video
The Boys NYC Subway A Line promotion
Credit: Devin McGregor via

Who is A-Train in The Boys?

A-Train, whose real name is Reggie Franklin, is one of the antagonists in The Boys. One of the twisted members of the superhero team The Seven, A-Train was introduced in the series premiere as the archenemy of Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) after he inadvertently killed the latter’s girlfriend with his superspeed while high on Compound V. The traumatizing incident ultimately led Hughie to join The Boys, a team of vigilantes with the mission of bringing down Vought International and The Seven.

A-Train’s The Boys season 3 storyline

In the ongoing season 3 of The Boys, A-Train is trying to rebrand himself by connecting more with the Black community. The people close to him, however, think that it won’t work as the general public knows that he doesn’t really care about the Black community. But to give A-Train’s a chance, his brother Nathan (Christian Keyes) dared him to stand up for a Black man in their neighborhood who was killed by Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) after being unjustly accused of a crime.

A-Train brought Blue Hawk to the neighborhood’s community center, where the latter apologized and claimed that he’s not racist because he doesn’t see color but only sees crimes. The people didn’t find Blue Hawk’s apology sincere and started to condemn him for killing the unarmed Black man.

The negative reaction of the crowd triggered Blue Hawk and caused him to start throwing people around. After A-Train managed to stop Blue Hawk, the former saw his brother lying on the ground with a bloody head. At the hospital, A-Train found out that Nate wouldn’t be able to walk again.

Will this unfortunate incident finally lead A-Train to the right path? That remains to be seen.

Where to watch The Boys season 3

The Boys season 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. One new episode arrives on the platform every Friday, with the eight-episode season wrapping up on July 8th.

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