The 100’s Eliza Taylor opens up about her and Bob Morley’s love story

The actress reveals how they started dating and eventually realized that they’re meant for each other

The 100’s Eliza Taylor opens up about her and Bob Morley’s love story 1

Eliza Taylor has finally revealed how she and husband Bob Morley fell in love with each other.

Taylor and Morley, best known for their roles as Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake on The CW’s The 100, made headlines in June 2019 when they announced that they had gotten married. The news came as a surprise to many, as the two didn’t take their relationship public until the wedding announcement. Though Taylor and Morley have become more open about their relationship since then, details about their love story remain scarce. That’s why fans of the couple were delightfully shocked when Taylor casually took to Instagram earlier this week to share how she and Morley started dating and eventually realized that they’re meant for each other.

Taylor, 30, and Morley, 35 had been friends since they started working on The 100 back in 2013. Their friendship, however, didn’t turn into a romance until 2019. Taylor wrote that she felt like her platonic relationship with Morley was “evolving” into something more in February of that year when “they bonded over the hurt of breaking up” with their respective exes and “talked about the daunting process of being single again.” The actress said that they “laughed and cried” together at that time “as friends do.”

Their relationship, however, completely “changed” the following month when Morley visited Taylor and her friend in their new apartment in Vancouver. “He came over to help set up our new place when out of the blue — he asked me out on a date,” Taylor wrote. “It seemed silly as we’d been friends for so long, in fact, I thought he was joking! But I laughed and said yes.” The actress called the date a “success,” noting that it was the first time they were “truly seeing each other.”

When they flew back to their home country of Australia in April of the same year, Taylor and Morley discovered that they share the same dreams, and those brought them even closer to one another. “While sitting on the porch of his sister’s house while looking out over the farm we talked about the future, what we wanted our lives to be,” Taylor wrote. “We wanted all the same things. To live in the countryside, to have kids, to still pursue our dreams in LA while having a strong home base in Australia. And just as easily as that conversation came, so did the proposal. We said, ‘We want this life, we want it together, so let’s not waste any more time and get married.’”

The following month, the couple tied the knot on a mountain top in Hawaii. And though things between them happened so fast, Taylor made it clear that they were not trying to break the internet or trying to hurt their ex-partners. “We were in love. Plain and simple,” she explained.

After the wedding, the husband and wife bought a house and a farm in Australia, which she called as their “forever home.”

Taylor’s Instagram post came two weeks after Morley’s ex-girlfriend Arryn Zech claimed that the actor cheated on her. Though Zech didn’t name the woman that caused her split from Morley, several news outlets identified her as Taylor. Zech claimed that she caught them having an affair on surveillance cameras after Morley forgot to turn them off.

Neither Taylor nor Morley directly responded to Zech’s accusations, but in Taylor’s latest Instagram post, she said that that she and Morley are “happily married in the PRESENT” regardless of the “toxic relationships” they have endured in the past. “[The present] is where we live and it is wonderful,” wrote the actress.

Check out Taylor’s full Instagram post below:

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