Solo: A Star Wars Story latest trailer is epic

The Han Solo movie is due for release later this year

Solo Star Wars Trailer

Ever since it was announced that the character Han Solo was getting his own spin-off movie, fans of Star Wars have been close to bursting with excitement.

The latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is not going to do anything to dim that anticipation. May can’t come soon enough, because the film really does look super cool.

The Ron Howard directed movie looks to have everything fans have been asking for. There’s cool robots, epic fight scenes and amazing special effects. We don’t think fans will be disappointed, judging off this short trailer.

It’s a phenomenally cool universe that has been created and this has even the most casual of Star Wars fans chomping at the bit for the movie’s release.

Of course, it doesn’t give fans to much to go off in terms of plot, but they can safely assume that Lando Carlissian (who is being played by Donald Glover) is going to be a perfect fit.

Who would have thought – Troy from Community in a Star Wars movie? Poor Abed must be so jealous.

It’s also a shoe-in that Joonas Suotamo’s turn as Chewbacca is going to be more than just a little bit charming.

Emilia Clarke looks intriguing as Qi’Ra, while Woody Harrelson (who is playing Tobias Beckett) looks at home as a seasoned and cynical pro. It’s a type character we have seen him play plenty of times before, but he does it so well.

Thandie Newton, of Westworld fame and Paul Bettany, who is in the Avengers franchise, also appears in this star-studded installment from the Star Wars’ universe.

Ron Howard has really captured a mood, which is likely to make this movie stand out as something completely new.

The film is scheduled for release in late May. We don’t know about you guys, but we can’t wait.

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