Project Chronos is a mixed reality device that isn’t a wearable

Project Chronos is a mixed-reality device that offers full body tracking without the need for bodily attachments

Project Chronos
Project Chronos is a mixed reality device that isn't a wearable

Lenovo is unveiling its Project Chronos concept at CES 2023. It is an unusual take on mixed-reality devices that allow users to interact with virtual worlds. To that effect, unlike Meta’s Oculus Quest, Qualcomm’s XR headsets, and other companies building VR, AR, or mocap devices to help users explore the metaverse, Lenovo wants you to reach the metaverse without any bodily attachments.

Essentially, Project Chronos is a mixed-reality concept that accomplishes full body tracking without the need for wearables like VR glasses.

That said, Lenovo is no stranger to mixed reality headsets. Just last year, they released the enterprises-focused ThinkReality AR smartglasses. But with Project Chronos, they’re unveiling a new type of mixed reality device that isn’t actually a wearable.

Project Chronos hardware
Project Chronos hardware

Project Chronos targets early-adopter consumers and creators who want a more immersive experience and simplified way to create and consume content in virtual worlds. It allows them to control their virtual avatar remotely using an RGB advanced depth camera that captures and replicates their gestures, movements, and facial expression in any virtual environment.

Lenovo revealed that it would include DP and HDMI ports to allow users to connect the device to a screen to monitor their avatar or collaborate with others when engaged in activities like working out virtually.

Lenovo Project Chronos availability

According to Lenovo, when launched, the Project Chronos device will have a modern design capable of mounting on a wall or surface on top of or below a TV or monitor. Lenovo also says that the RGB camera would be low latency and offer privacy features like the ability to rotate it downwards so that users can control their privacy.

The Project Chronos concept is still in development, so no announcements were made regarding a launch date, full device capabilities, or even a final product name.

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