Lenovo ThinkReality smart-glasses will bring AR and VR apps to businesses

The first device on the platform is the ThinkReality A6

ThinkReality A6

AR and VR apps are coming to a brand new platform from Lenovo called ThinkReality. Designed as part of the company’s smarter business initiative, it’s intended to bring a solutions-based approach to businesses by utilizing hardware as well as software. The Lenovo ThinkReality platform is meant to do great things, now and in the future, and starts out with one device that can be used for AR applications. It’s called the ThinkReality A6, and it’s a pair of smart goggles that is said to offer many advanced features.

New Think-branded smartglasses

The ThinkReality A6 is described by Lenovo as lightweight, hands-free, and head-worn. It can be used to deploy a wide range of AR applications ranging from simple to complex, all in the name of enhancing overall productivity.

ThinkReality A6

In terms of hardware, it comes in at 380 g (0.83 lbs), and stands as one of the lightest full-featured AR headsets in its class. The headset itself is powered by an Intel Movidius chipset and uses waveguide optics by Lumus, while a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 runs on the accompanying Android compute box.

Real-time uses

According to Lenovo, ThinkReality can be used to aid enterprise workers by giving them access to remote assistance, reduce repair times, eliminate workplace errors, improve training quality, and even streamline currently complex workflows. With all of its uses, it’s envisioned to save businesses money and allow instant collaboration.

No word yet on either price or availability of the ThinkReality A6. It’s one of several new products, such as the ThinkBook line and ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2, launched today through Lenovo Accelerate.

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