Pregnant Man emoji may be coming to smartphones

The draft list for the next set of new emojis includes more inclusive and gender-neutral options

Pregnant Man emoji may be coming to smartphones 2

Ahead of last Saturday’s World Emoji Day, popular emoji reference site Emojipedia unveiled new images of some of the emojis included on the draft list of the Unicode Consortium for the next emoji rollout, Unicode 14.0.

The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit that oversees emoji standards and is responsible for new releases, will formally approve in September which emojis from the draft list will make up the official Unicode 14.0. While release dates for emoji updates vary by operating system, app, and device, some companies may come out with early emoji support in late 2021, with the majority of updates to take place in the first half of 2022.

The draft list includes a number of inclusive and gender-neutral options such as Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person emojis, which recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people. Both emojis are additions to the existing ? Pregnant Woman emoji.

Pregnant Man emoji may be coming to smartphones 3

There’s also a Person with Crown emoji, which is a gender-inclusive alternative to the existing emojis for ? Princess and ? Prince.

If the Pregnant Man, Pregnant Person, and Person with Crown emojis make it into the final list, then nearly all emojis can have a gender-neutral option in the future, with a choice to use a woman or man where relevant.

Other emojis on the draft list include a melting face, saluting face, a face holding back tears, a saluting face, a disco ball, a low battery symbol, a mirror ball, an x-ray, an empty nest and a nest with eggs, and a set of multicultural handshake emojis featuring 15 different skin tones.

The multiracial handshake emojis are expected to be included in the final list, as the existing handshake emoji ? only comes in a default yellow color on most major platforms.

According to Emojipedia, the final version of Unicode 14.0 will likely resemble the draft list. While no new emojis will be added at this stage, there’s always a possibility of a change or removal ahead of September.

Emojipedia’s interpretations of the emojis from the draft list look amazing, but it’s worthy to note that official emoji designs vary by operating system, app, and device.

Sources: CNN, Emojipedia
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