Google Gboard can turn your selfie into a custom emoji

The app is available on iOS and Andriod

Emoji are the rage. There’s no doubt about. And though there are nearly 3,000 of them, odds are, you’ll never find one that perfectly represents you. However, Google is looking to change that by affording you the opportunity to create your own custom emoji characters.

By taking advantage of cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Google’s new emoji creation app transforms your selfies into sharable emoji.

Engadget says it works by “taking into account various characteristics like your skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, face shape, and facial hair,” then using the information to craft a new character. Once created, the software allows you to fine tune (i.e. add glasses, freckles, etc.) the emoji before sending it out.

For now, Google’s emoji software is packed into its ‘Gboard’ keyboard app.

Interestingly, Apple’s Memoji and other emoji creation software already exist, however, Google’s method is touted as easier to use, in addition to being platform independent.

The app is now freely available on iOS and Andriod devices.