PonyCycle is the answer for every kid or adult who wants a pony

This mechanical ride-on toy is also available in unicorn, zebra, and tiger models.

PonyCycle is the answer for every kid or adult who wants a pony 13

Do your children want to own a pony but you think they’re too young to have one? Well, here’s a cute and fun alternative: PonyCycle.

PonyCycle is a mechanical ride-on toy that doesn’t need batteries or power to operate. Kiddie riders just need to rise and fall in the saddle to create a galloping motion that moves the PonyCycle’s legs and head forward.  While not the real deal, PonyCycle is a fun way to improve your kids’ balance and coordination. It also encourages exercise and simulates their imagination.

There are two series of PonyCycle available in the market today: the Classic N Series and the Premium K Series. The Classic N Series consists of 8 models: a unicorn, a zebra, a tiger, and 5 horses of different colors. Each model is available in two sizes: small and medium. Small PonyCycles are designed for kids 3-5 years old and can carry a maximum load of 25kgs. The medium variant is designed for 4-9 years old and has a maximum load of 40kgs.

The Premium K Series, on the other hand, is comprised of 3 models: a unicorn and 2 horses of different colors. Like those in the Classic N Series, models in the Premium K Series come in small and medium sizes. While models in both series are made of high-grade plush material for comfort and softness, models in the Premium K Series have upgraded designs, metallic pedals, and light-up wheels. Additionally, Premium K models come with extra accessories like grooming brush, award ribbon, crown, and satin bow.

Classic N models are retailing for $219 – $259, while Premium K models are available for $399 – $439.

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