PonyCycle is the answer for every kid or adult who wants a pony

This mechanical ride-on toy is also available in unicorn, zebra, and tiger models.

PonyCycle is the answer for every kid or adult who wants a pony 1

Do your children want to own a pony but you think they’re too young to have one? Well, here’s a cute and fun alternative: PonyCycle.

PonyCycle is a mechanical ride-on toy that doesn’t need batteries or power to operate. Kiddie riders just need to rise and fall in the saddle to create a galloping motion that moves the PonyCycle’s legs and head forward.  While not the real deal, PonyCycle is a fun way to improve your kids’ balance and coordination. It also encourages exercise and simulates their imagination.

Posted by Ponycycle on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

There are two series of PonyCycle available in the market today: the Classic N Series and the Premium K Series. The Classic N Series consists of 8 models: a unicorn, a zebra, a tiger, and 5 horses of different colors. Each model is available in two sizes: small and medium. Small PonyCycles are designed for kids 3-5 years old and can carry a maximum load of 25kgs. The medium variant is designed for 4-9 years old and has a maximum load of 40kgs.


Posted by Ponycycle on Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Premium K Series, on the other hand, is comprised of 3 models: a unicorn and 2 horses of different colors. Like those in the Classic N Series, models in the Premium K Series come in small and medium sizes. While models in both series are made of high-grade plush material for comfort and softness, models in the Premium K Series have upgraded designs, metallic pedals, and light-up wheels. Additionally, Premium K models come with extra accessories like grooming brush, award ribbon, crown, and satin bow.

Classic N models are retailing for $219 – $259, while Premium K models are available for $399 – $439.

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