Micro Machines toys are set to make a comeback later this year

One of the greatest toys of the 90’s is returning

Micro Machines are coming back in 2020

Fans of 90s nostalgia will be excited to hear Hasbro and Wicked Cool Toys have announced that they’re teaming up to revive the classic Micro Machines brand.

First launched in 1987, Micro Machines were the ultra-tiny, Hot Wheels-inspired vehicles and playsets that could fit in your pocket. After gaining a great deal of popularity in the early 90s, largely spurred by an appearance in Home Alone, the hype behind the brand quickly died out not long after. Eventually, the company was sold and the line shelved after a 20-year run.

When it comes to toys, the 1990s is arguably one of the greatest eras ever. During the decade we saw the rise of now-iconic toys such as the Game Boy & Game Boy Color, Tamagotchi, Giga Pets, Bop It, Furby, the Super Soaker, and countless others.

There have been a couple of attempts to revive the Micro machines brand in the years since, most notably in 2015 as a failed promotional stunt for The Force Awakens. By all accounts, it appears the current attempt will be more authentic.

Micro Machines are coming back in 2020

Super Van City is slated to be one of the first products released when the brand is relaunched later this year. According to Gizmodo, Super Van City unfolds to reveal “20 different locations including convenient stores, fancy donut shops, a construction site, off-road race tracks, a drag strip, an airport, and a towering suspension bridge.” What’s more, the foldable playset is designed to connect to other Micro Machine playsets, which are expected to be revealed at Toy Fair 2020 later this month.

Super Van City will have a retail price of $50 and it will come with three “exclusive” Micro Machine vehicles.

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