This interactive children’s kitchen set comes with Alexa

It features over 100 interactive play pieces that prompt a series of response from Alexa

Toy and kids furniture company KidKraft is about to make history at the New York Toy Fair this weekend with the launch of its newest kitchen and market playset powered by Alexa.

Officially called Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market, the innovative playset is the first toy ever to interact with Alexa — the cloud-based voice service from Amazon and the brain behind Echo and other Alexa built-in devices.

A collaboration between KidKraft and Amazon, the Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market allows children and their families to interact in a safe and imaginative way with Alexa across several activities, including cooking meals, checking out at the grocery store, playing games, and more.

Kids can first take a trip to the market where they can buy a variety of food items, among many others, using the interactive scanner and register. After shopping, they can head right home to store their recent purchases and start cooking their favorite meals using the RFID stove top and cutting board. The roleplaying is even made more fun and life-like with the playset’s realistic kitchen and market sounds playing in the background.

The Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market can keep kids engaged and entertained for hours, as it features over 100 interactive play pieces that prompt a series of responsive, educational, and hilarious phrases from Alexa. These interactive play pieces include RFID smart-chipped food, smart-chipped cookware, come-to-life character cards, and many more.

Suitable for kids 3 and up, the Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market will be available exclusively at Amazon for $299.99.