Personal pleasure startup Lora Dicarlo returns to CES after banishment in 2019

Their new sexual health product lineup includes a device that mimics human fingers

Personal pleasure startup Lora Dicarlo returns to CES after banishment in 2019 1

After a rough debut at CES 2019, Lora Dicarlo is back to showcase their latest additions to the company’s Osé line of products. Called Baci and Onda, these two personal pleasure devices will debut this week at CES 2020.

Baci is a micro robotic device designed to mimic the sensations of oral pleasure. In other words, the device “simulates the feel and motion of the human lips and tongue, creating gradual clitoral pleasure that helps lead to an orgasm,” according to the company.

Onta, on the other hand, well, happens to be a hand. That is, the purpose of this particular device is to recreate “the natural ‘come hither’ motion of human fingers to deliver an elusive G-spot orgasm.”

Lora Dicarlo is hoping that Baci and Onta can build on the hype garnered by the company’s award-winning, patent-pending Osé device. Osé was supposed to make its world debut during CES 2019, however, weeks before the event the company was banished and stripped of its Innovation Award. Undeterred, the company pushed forward and went to generate over $1 million in orders later that year.

Pricing and additional specs have yet to be released. More information about both devices will be unveiled throughout the week.

Update November 30th, 2022: The folks over at Bedbible reached out to tell us that the company behind Osé, known as Lora DiCarlo is in hot water and is likely about to file for bankruptcy. The company website has remained offline since November 2022. If you need to get your money back, here’s what you can do.

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