CES bans women’s sexual health product Osé, allows men’s

Citing ‘immorality’, the company was stripped of its award and barred from the event

CES bans women's sexual health product Osé, allows men's 1

The Consumer Technology Association – the organization behind CES – is receiving flack today for its decision to revoke an innovation award it had previously granted to a women’s sexual health product called ‘Osé’.

While the entire ordeal began back in October 2018, the news surfaced earlier this week when CEO Lora Haddock published an open letter that calls out the CTA for “gender bias, sexism, misogyny, and double standards.”

In the over 1,000 word letter, Haddock backs up her claims by pointing to a number of male-orientated devices that not only won awards at the show, but were allowed to be showcased at the yearly tech event.

In addition to stripping away her company’s award, the CTA organization also barred Haddock from exhibiting the product, citing a clause that disallows immoral, obscene, or indecent products.

Interestingly, as highlighted by Haddock’s letter, in 2017 a VR porn company freely exhibited its product, allowing attendees to view actually pornography. Last year, Solana – a $10,000 sex robot for men – was also allowed on the floor without exception. Even this year, there are a number of tech products of a sexual nature on display, leaving Haddock and many others to wonder why she is being singled out.

Developed with the help of Oregon State University researchers, Haddock argues that Osé undoubtedly qualifies for a spot at the tech bonanza, especially considering the fact that it’s currently under review for at least eight unique patents.

As of the time of this article’s publishing, CTA is still standing by its claims of immorality, however, they provide no answer as to why other sex-related products receive a pass.

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